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“Translation for Lawyers” Featured in ABA Journal’s Article on Remote Foreign Language Interpreting Services

A Bilingual Attorney
Serving as the Interpreter-
Ethical Considerations

Accurate Legal Translations Hold the Keys to Binding Cross-Border Prenuptial Agreements

Admissibility of Telephonic Expert Witness Testimony by Foreign Language Translator/ Court Interpreter

Admitting English Translation/ Interpretation Transcript of Foreign Language Recording without Admitting the Foreign Language Recording

All Language Alliance Legal Translation Company Helps Overcome Challenges of Foreign Electronic Discovery

All Language Alliance, Inc.
Legal Translation Company
on SlideShare

All Language Alliance, Inc. Provides
Multilingual Business Translation Services

All Languages Translation Services, Case Law and Keyword Searches

Apostille Translation Services
and Legal Translation of
Public Documents

Apostille Translation Services
in the Practice of Law

Arabic Translation Services and Real Estate Contracts in the UAE

Are You Gambling with
Your Law Firm’s
Document Translation Needs?

Attorney Serving as His Client’s Interpreter and Legal Malpractice: A Case Example

Attorney Translation Services and
Nestling Arbitration Agreements in Contracts

Attorney Translation Services and Expert Testimony in International Law Cases

Attorney Translation Services and Foreign Investment Translations

Attorney Translation Services for International Depositions

Attorney Translation Services, Child Custody and Clean Hands Doctrine

Attorney Translation Services
for Litigation

Attorney Translators, Foreign Language-Speaking Clients and Attorney Competency

Attorneys Representing
Foreign Nationals

Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services
for Litigation, Mediation and
Arbitration In Brazil

Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services and Setting Up a Foreign Branch in Brazil

Bulgarian Translation of “Euro”
as Bulgarian National and
Cultural Identity Issue

Business Document Translation
Service for International Divorces

Business Document Translations and FATCA

Business Translation, Legal Translation and Taking Over a EU-Based Business

Certified & Notarized Legal Translation and Wrapping Up an Overseas Trust

Certified Corporate Translation and Double Taxation

Certified Courtroom Translators and Document Interpreters, and Workplace Bullying in a Multi-Lingual Setting

Certified Denver Court Translators, Colorado Court Interpreters and the Right to a Foreign Language Interpreter

Certified Document Translation and Enforcing Foreign Judgments in the UK

Certified Document Translation for Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys, and Finding Intent in a Foreign Language Will

Certified Document Translation Services
for Expatriates

Certified Document Translation Services,
Attorney-Client Relationship and the America Invents Act

Certified Document Translation- Using Social Media for Digging Up Evidence

Certified Document Translations and
Admitting Foreign Language Translations
as Documentary Evidence

Certified Document Translations and How Foreign Countries Look at US Bank Accounts

Certified Document Translations Needed in Labor and Employment Law Cases

Certified English to Chinese
Legal Translation Services,
Third Party Contracts and China

Certified English to French
Document Translation

Certified Financial Translation Services and Tax Time

Certified Foreign Language Translation and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Certified Foreign Language Translations in International Disputes

Certified Language Translator’s Affidavit, and Professional Translation & Interpreting Services for Litigation, Court Proceedings & Arbitration Proceedings

Certified Legal Document Translations and Alien Torts Act Update

Certified Legal Language Services and International Mass Tort Litigation

Certified Legal Language Translation
of Religious Law Documents

Certified Legal Language Translation and Foreign Language Warnings

Certified Legal Translation and Arbitration in Brazil

Certified Legal Translation and Determining Foreign Law Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 44.1

Certified Legal Translation and International eDiscovery Translation

Certified Legal Translation and New ICC Arbitration Rules Coming into Effect January 1st, 2012

Certified Legal Translation and the Risk of Online Legal Forms

Certified Legal Translation and Trust Assets in International Divorce Cases

Certified Legal Translation Online and Foreign Held Assets

Certified Legal Translation Online, Multilingual Legal Interpretation and Home State Jurisdiction Under the UCCJEA

Certified Legal Translation Service,
FCPA and Foreign Language
Document Reviews

Certified Legal Translation Services – Japan Poised to Join Hague Convention

Certified Legal Translation Services, Copyright Law and the First Sale Doctrine

Certified Legal Translation,
Professional Chinese Translations and
Contract Performance in China

Certified Legal Translation, Russian Document Translation, and Litigating International Cases in Russia

Certified Legal Translation, the Rules of Evidence and Authenticating Non-US Records

Certified Legal Translations
and Parent Liability of EU Subsidiaries
and Joint Ventures

Certified Legal Translations for International Insurance Compliance

Certified Legal Translations for International Litigation and Multilingual eDiscovery

Certified Legal Translations, EU Data Protection Legislation and Its Impact on US Companies

Certified Legal Translations, Notarized Multilingual Online Legal Translation Services and Doing Business Overseas

Certified Legal Translators, Certified Legal Interpreters in Denver, Colorado, International Divorce and Jurisdiction

Certified Multilingual Legal Translation, Foreign Law and Judicial Notice

Certified Multilingual Translations for Court Filing

Certified Professional Court Interpreters vs. Untrained Bilinguals

Certified Professional Legal, Medical, Technical Translations, and When Foreign Language Translations of Warning Labels are Not Needed

Certified Technical Translation Services in 100 + Foreign Languages

Certified Translation
for Immigration Attorneys

Certified Translation and
Serving a Foreign Defendant
under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4(d)

Certified Translation and Foreign Divorces

Certified Translation and International Legal Issues Related to Cloud Computing

Certified Translation of Foreign Laws and Wills, and the Law of Trusts and Estates when Foreign Real Estate is Involved

Certified Translation of License Agreements

Certified Translation Services and Concealment of Value of Marital Assets

Certified Translation Services and Jury Trials

Certified Translation Services and Move Towards an International E-Discovery Agreement

Certified Translation Services Essential in Preparing for FATCA Tax Obligations

Certified Translation Services for Domestic and International Litigation

Certified Translation, and Authenticating Foreign Government Documents

Certified Translation, Foreign Language Evidence and Expert Opinions

Certified Translations and Their Role in FCPA Compliance Checklist

Certified Translators, Court-Certified Interpreters, Expert Testimony in International Family Law Cases

Challenging Computer Generated Foreign Language Translations

Challenging Unfavorable Ruling Resulting from Unethical Use of Foreign Language Documentary Evidence

Chinese Language Translation and Interpretation Services in Denver, CO, and Tips for Setting Up a Business in China

Chinese Legal Translation
and Data Protection Law in China

Chinese Legal Translation Services
and Contract Enforcement in China

Chinese Legal Translation Services
and the China Breach of Contract

Chinese Legal Translations and Commencing the Arbitration Process in China

Chinese Translation and Doing Business with China

Chinese Translation Services
and the Role of Arbitration
in Chinese Contracts

Chinese Translation Services and
Lawsuits Involving Chinese Corporations

Chinese Translation Services and Arbitration in China: Choosing the Location

Chinese-English Legal Translation and Legal Ethics in China

Chinese, French, German, Japanese,
Russian, and Spanish Translations
of Supreme Court Publications

Clinical Trial Translation Services
and Clinical Research Translations

Colorado Certified Court Interpreters, Colorado Legal Translators and Demeanor Evidence in Courtrooms

Colorado Certified Court Translators, and International Child Custody and Property Issues

Colorado Court Interpreters , Legal Translators and Notarized Foreign Language Translations in International Divorce Law

Competent Human Translators for Document Translation Services, Professional Foreign Language Translations, Product Safety and the Alien Tort Claims Act

Contract Translation, Multi Language Corporate and Attorney Translation Services, and the Importance of Putting it in Writing

Corporate Language Translation and Estate Planning for Non-Citizens with U.S. Children

Corporate Translation and Singapore’s New Data Protection Law

Corporate Translation Services, Financial Document Translation and Expatriation Process

Corporate Translation, Legal Translation Services for Corporate Litigation Lawyers, and International Arbitration

Corporate Translation, Multilingual Legal Language Translation and the Website Privacy Policy

Corporate Translation, Multilingual Legal Translation Services, MEGs and Foreign Jurisdiction

Corporate Translations for Mining and Oil and Gas Industries, and Corporate Liability in Conflict Zones

Corporate Translations, Legal Translations of International Financing Agreements in the Current Economic Crisis

Corporate Translations, Legal Website Language Translation, and Speaking a Foreign Language in the Workplace

Court Allows Service of Process
on Foreign Defendants
by E-Mail

Court Document Translation and Court Interpretation- Compensation Issues in Light of Taniguchi v. Kan Pacific Saipan, LTD

Court Interpreter and Language Translation Services, and Challenges in Practicing International Employment Law

Court Interpreters & Translation of Foreign Language Slang in the Courtroom

Court Interpreters and Translators in Debriefings, Proffer Sessions, and Judicial Proceedings Instituted by the United States

Court Interpreters,
Legal Translators for Litigators and Attorneys,
and Alien Tort Statute Accomplice Liability Cases

Court Interpreters, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting and Sight Translation

Court Interpreters, Foreign Language, Equal Protection and Jury Selection

Court Interpreters, Legal Translation and Lack of English Proficiency in Jurors: The State Interest

Court Interpreters, Non-English Speakers and Good Faith Participation

Court Interpreting Services and a Father’s Right to Custody in the International Context

Court Translation, Legal Interpreting Services, the Heavy Burden of Proof and Rights of Custody

Court Translation, Legal Translation Services and Contract Law

Court Translations, Legal Online Translation and Legal Translation Services for Foreign Receivers, Foreign Representatives and Foreign Insolvency Proceedings

Court Translators, Diminished Capacity and Culturally Diverse Clients

Cross-Border Litigation Increases the Need for Professional Foreign Language Legal Translation Services

Danish Legal Translation Services
and Litigation in Denmark

Deposition “Check” Interpreters
in High Stakes Litigation

Deposition Interpreter Services
in Cross-Cultural Depositions

Deposition Interpreters Are
Critical When Deposing
a Non-English Speaking Witness

Deposition Translators,
Interpreted Foreign Language Depositions
and Attorney Shenanigans during
Depositions Involving
Foreign Language Speakers

Deposition Translators, Deposition Interpreters, and Preparing for a Foreign Language Deposition

Determining the Unavailability of Foreign Language Translator/ Interpreter to Provide Expert Witness Testimony in Person- Telephonic Evidence

Did the Court Err by
Not Appointing a Tajik Interpreter

Differences between Language Translation and Interpreting

Discovery Translation, Foreign Language Translators and e-Discovery

Distinguish Between
Individualistic Cultures
and Collectivist Cultures when
Dealing with Foreign Nationals

Doctor’s Liability in Using
the Non-English-Speaking Patient’s
Relative Instead of a
Professional Medical Interpreter

Document Translation Services and Applying for an EU Patent

Document Translation Services and Billing the International Client

Document Translation Services and International Child Relocation

Document Translation Services and Successful International Arbitration

Document Translation Services for
Product Liability Litigation: Case Law

Document Translation Services for International Estate Planning

Document Translation Services for Patent and Trademark Attorneys, Trade Marks and the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents

Document Translation, NAFTA and Enforcing U.S./Mexican Judgments

Don’t Let Your Foreign Clients Skimp on
Professional Translation Services

Drug Slang Translation
and Professional Translation Services
of Street Savvy Translators

Educational Translation Services in Denver, Colorado

Employment Contract Translations and the Global Reach of Employment Laws

Engineering Translation, Technical Translation Services, and Registering an Imported Aircraft

English to Japanese
Legal Translation Services
and Intellectual Property Rights in Japan

English-Chinese and Chinese-English Legal Document Translations, and China’s Antitrust Review Process

English-Russian Translation, Legal Translation and Foreign Investments in Russia

Expert Foreign Language Document Translations Hinder Adoption Fraud

Expert Foreign Language Translation Services, and Proving Translation Accuracy in Preliminary Injunctions and Trials

Expert Language Translations and Translating “Made in the USA” and “Made in America” Labels

Failure to Translate Employee Handbook
Can Defeat Employer
Defenses in Discrimination Claims

FCPA Document Translation Services

Feng Shui for Lawyers, Chinese New Year of the Rabbit and Online Chinese Translation Services

Financial Translation Services and FATCA II Compliance

For Russians, Influential Connections,
Not Hard Work,
Key to Wealth

Foreign Language Certified Document Translations Essential for Class Certification under Rule 23(c)(2)

Foreign Language Certified Translation, Foreign Language Depositions, and Multilingual Discovery Tips

Foreign Language Deposition Interpreters in Pre-Deposition Meetings, & Deposition Interpreters in Depositions to Follow in Denver, Colorado, and Elsewhere

Foreign Language Digital Evidence, Legal Translation and Plain View Doctrine

Foreign Language Document Translation, and Using Foreign Law as Evidence

Foreign Language eDiscovery
Translation by Professional
Human Translators

Foreign Language Financial Document Translation, and International Accounting Litigation

Foreign Language Insurance Document Translation, and Litigating Foreign Language Life Insurance Policies

Foreign Language Interpreters- Appealing Points of Law Pertaining to Appointment of a Court Interpreter

Foreign Language Interpreters, Medical Examinations and the Rules of Evidence

Foreign Language Libel, and Translation and Court Interpreting: How to Plead the Case

Foreign Language Tattoo Translations,
Torts and Courts

Foreign Language Translation & the Consequences of Preserving or Erasing Foreign Language Electronically Stored Information from a Work Computer

Foreign Language Translation
Requirements for Regulatory Compliance

Foreign Language Translation and Adaptation, and Entertainment Law

Foreign Language Translation and Electronic Wills

Foreign Language Translation and Export Control

Foreign Language Translation and Foreign Income and Taxes: Section 911

Foreign Language Translation and International Attorney Malpractice

Foreign Language Translation and Interpreting Experts, and Posthumous Personality Rights

Foreign Language Translation and Patent Protection in the EU

Foreign Language Translation Experts, Translator’s Expertise and Foreign Language-Speaking Plaintiff’s Declaration

Foreign Language Translation for Attorneys and Law Firms, and International Conflict of Laws

Foreign Language Translation in Context of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Foreign Language Translation of DUI Breath Test Instruction Is Not Required, Rules New Jersey Court

Foreign Language Translation of Reverse Mortgage Loan Documents

Foreign Language Translation of Wills,
and Enforceability of US Wills
in Foreign Countries

Foreign Language Translation Services,
Online Contracts and

Foreign Language Translation Services, Export Control and Employment Discrimination

Foreign Language Translation,
and the Language Barriers
While Flying

Foreign Language Translation, Mexico, Translation Error and Service of Process

Foreign Language Translation, Pharmaceuticals and International Property Rights

Foreign Language Translation/ Interpretation, Legal Translation, International Translators and Attorney Ethics

Foreign Language Translations and Double Tax Treaties

Foreign Language Translations and Selling Foreign Rights to Your Creative Product

Foreign Language Translations and the Lemon Law

Foreign Language Translations as a Foreclosure Avoidance Strategy for Immigrants

Foreign Language Translations for Antitrust Attorneys, and International Antitrust Law

Foreign Language Translations in Transnational Litigation

Foreign Language Translations, CyberLaw and International Information Operations

Foreign Language Translations, Patent Translations, Patent Translators and Patent Law

Foreign Language Translators & Interpreters, and Competent Representation of Non-English-Speaking Clients

Foreign Tape Translation, and Admission of Foreign Language Recordings- Standard of Review

French to English, German to English
, and Hebrew to English Translations
of Foreign Laws Available for Free

Global Business Translation Services, International Publications and Protection of Reputations

Global Document Translations for Expatriates and the Tax Code

Global Legal Translation Solutions and the Issue of Invalidated Trademarks

Google’s Chinese Name
Allegedly Similar to a Chinese
Company’s Name

Government Document Translations in Languages of Your Multilingual Clients

Healthcare Translation Services
and Medical Interpreting Services

Hebrew Legal Translation and Divorce in the International Context

Highly Skilled Legal Interpreters
in Great Demand

Hindi into English Translation Services
and Enforcing a Foreign Judgment in India

Hindi Law Translation and Patent Law Update: India

Homeland Security Translations and Foreign Language Translations of Lawsuits against State Sponsors of Terrorism

How Do I Know If the Plaintiff
or Defendant Needs a
Foreign Language Interpreter?

How Language Factors Affect Asian-Americans in Probate Court

Human Translation Services
Still Far Superior to Machine Translation

Immigration Interview Translators, Notarized Attorney Translation Services and Tips for Choosing and Using a Foreign Language Interpreter

Instructing the Jury on Using Translated/ Interpreted Foreign Language Testimony

Intellectual Property Translation, Legal Online Translation and Language Translations in Chinese Patent Infringement Actions

International E-Discovery Translation, Legal Translation Services and Ethics: The Why

International Language Translation Services and Trademark Applicants’ Bona Fide Intent to Use

International Language Translation, Immigration Translation
and Bringing a Foreign-Born Orphan to the United States

International Legal Contract Language Translation, Certified Translation and Interpreter Services and Registering a Foreign LLC

International Legal Translation Services, Expatriation and Tax Law

International Multi-Language Translation for U.S. Employers, Safe Harbor Privacy Framework, and Data Protection Legislation in the U.S. and in the EU

International Tax Law Translations, Legal Translations, Financial Translations

Interpreted Depositions
and Objecting to Foreign Language Translations
in International Witness Depositions

IP Document Translation Services
and Intellectual Property Rights:
An Overview

Japanese Court Translators, Court Interpreters and Evolving Court Interpreting System in Japan

Japanese Document Translation
Not Hearsay,
According to Court

Japanese to English
Legal Translation Services
for Attorneys and Law Firms

Japanese Translation and Overview of Japanese Patent Law and the First-to-File Rule

Jury Instruction To Address
English Translation of
Foreign-Language Taped-Recorded

Korean Legal Translation
Services and Trading with
South Korea

Korean to English Legal Translations
and Intellectual Property Rights
in South Korea

Lack of Court Interpreter Leads to Dismissal of Sex-Abuse Charges

Lack of Foreign Language Translation & Interpretation Violates Language Access Act, Report Says

Lack of Foreign Language Translation and Medical Malpractice

Language & Cultural Barriers between French Speakers and Dutch Speakers Threaten to Break Up Belgium

Language Interpretation and Expert Testimony in International Family Law Cases

Language Interpreter Accused of Giving Legal Advice to Spanish-Speaking Defendants

Language Interpreter and Translator Services, Internal Employee Complaints and the FSLA

Language Interpreters and Examining/ Cross-Examining a Foreign Language Speaking Witness

Language Interpreters Service and Antitrust Forum-Shopping: The English Situation

Language Interpreters, and Mediating Cross-Cultural Disputes

Language Interpreting & Translation, and Excited Utterances in a Foreign Language

Language Interpreting Services:
Tips for Working with
Court Interpreters in Civil Cases

Language Translation & Interpreting for Corporate Litigation Attorneys, and Challenging Arbitrators under an International Arbitration Act

Language Translation and Authenticating a Foreign Website for Evidence

Language Translation and Billing the International Client

Language Translation and Child Custody: Hague Convention vs. European Court of Human Rights

Language Translation and Contract Interpretation: Foreign Language as Trade Use Evidence

Language Translation and Court Interpreting Issues- Standards of Review when Challenging Ability to Communicate with Court

Language Translation and Ethical Issues of Filing Privileged Foreign Language Documents: The Receiving Attorney’s Side

Language Translation and International Estates

Language Translation and International Family Law after Abbott v. Abbott

Language Translation and Marketing Legal Services to Foreign Language Speakers

Language Translation and Pension Funds in the International Setting

Language Translation and Preparing the International Will

Language Translation and Small and Medium Sized Enterprise in a Global Context

Language Translation and Speaking a Foreign Language in the Workplace

Language Translation and the Impact of National Law on International Arbitrations

Language Translation and the New Foreign Tax Credit Blending Rule

Language Translation and Tortuous Interference with a Contractual Relationship

Language Translation Professionals, Expert Translation Services, Instant Message Conversations, and the Best Evidence Rule

Language Translation Professionals, Professional Translation, International Students and Technical Document Translation

Language Translation Service and the Importance of Language in a Global Work Setting

Language Translation Services
and Estate Transfers to Non-Citizen Spouses

Language Translation Services and Ethics in Business Negotiation

Language Translation Services for Attorneys & Law Firms, and Securities Litigation

Language Translation Services, Legal Language Translation and Opening a Branch Location in the European Union

Language Translation Services, Multilingual Electronic Discovery, and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Language Translation Services, Unfair Competition Law and Intellectual Property

Language Translation,
Foreign Language Speakers
and Social Security Fraud

Language Translation, and Ethics for International Arbitrators

Language Translation, and Validity of Real Estate Transactions Conducted in a Foreign Language

Language Translation, Assertion of Privilege and Foreign Language Speakers

Language Translation, Certified Translators, First Sale Rule and Costco v. Omega

Language Translation, Child Custody and International Borders

Language Translation, Class Actions and Foreign Language Speakers

Language Translation, E-Discovery Translation and European Data Privacy Laws

Language Translation, Ethics, Attorney Advertising and Foreign Language Ability

Language Translation, Foreign Language Markings and Revoking Wills

Language Translation, International Translation Experts, and the Share Pledge Agreement Translation

Language Translation, Legal Interpreting Services and Foreign Language Document Review

Language Translation, Product Warning Labels and Foreign Language Speakers

Language Translation, Social Media Lingo and Foreign Clients

Language Translations for Patent and Trademark Lawyers

Language Translations, French-English Translation, and the Case of Airline Liability for Emotional Distress

Law Document Translation of the Non-Engagement Letter

Law Language Translator, Multilingual Keyword Searches, Electronic Discovery and Malpractice

Lawyers Beware:
Don’t Let Client Confidentiality
Get Lost in Translation

Lease Agreement Translations for Commercial Real Estate Attorneys, Corporate Lawyers, and Owners of Commercial Property Abroad

Legal Certified Translation, International Gambling Law and Local Prohibitions

Legal Certified Translation, Professional Translation Services, Legal Translators and the Role of the Foreign Court in Russian Litigation and Arbitration

Legal Document Translation & Interpretation Services and International Law in the Private Sector

Legal Document Translation
and Enforcing U.S. Judgments in Europe

Legal Document Translation
of Evidence for Court

Legal Document Translation
Services Save the Day

Legal Document Translation and Procedural Rules for Applying Mexican Law in Texas Courts

Legal Document Translation Service for the FCPA Cases

Legal Document Translation Services
and Intellectual Property Law in Italy

Legal Document Translation Services and Intellectual Property Law in France

Legal Document Translation Services for International Arbitration

Legal Document Translation Services, Social Media and Attorney Ethics

Legal Document Translation,
and the Use of the Foreign Compulsion
Defense in Antitrust Cases

Legal Document Translation,
International Litigation and
Attorney Ethics: Focus on Germany

Legal Document Translation,
the Parol Evidence Rule
and the Statute of Frauds

Legal Document Translation, and Waiving Liability in a Foreign Language

Legal Document Translation, Estate Planning and Foreign Property

Legal Document Translation, Foreign Jurisdictions and International Debt Collection

Legal Document Translation, Translated Laws and Documents- the Other Side of Language Translation Process

Legal Document Translations for Lawyers, Attorney-Client Privilege and Foreign Companies in U.S. Courts

Legal Document Translations in Light of Royal Dutch Shell Global Class Action and Collective Settlement Agreements

Legal Document Translations Protect Foreign Language Speaking Californians

Legal Document Translations,
Discovery, Data Protection and
Arbitration in the EU

Legal Document Translations, and Ethical Issues of Filing Privileged Foreign Language Documents: The Filing Attorney’s Side

Legal Document Translations, International Law and Legal Malpractice

Legal Document Translations, Social Media and Employment Law

Legal Documents Translation Online
in Light of Panama Papers

Legal Evidence Translations and Translated Recorded Conversations for Use as Evidence: Qualifying the Translator- Part II

Legal Interpretation and Translation Services and Challenges of Doing Businesses in China

Legal Interpretation Services for Attorneys in Denver, Colorado, and Nationwide

Legal Interpretation Services, Mediation Agreements as Contracts, and Non-English-Speakers

Legal Interpretation, Legal Interpreters and Dismissing for Cause Jurors who are Semi-Fluent in English

Legal Interpreter Services in Depositions
and Court Proceedings

Legal Interpreters Are Crucial to
Insurance Contract Translations
Involving Non-English Speaking Insureds

Legal Interpreters, Court Translation, Admissibility and Exclusion of Foreign Language Testimony

Legal Interpreters, Legal Translators and
Multilingual International Clients of the Small Town Attorney

Legal interpreters, Legal Translators and Enforceability of Foreign Prenuptial Agreements with Foreign Brides or Grooms under California Law

Legal Interpreting Services for Workers Compensation Cases Pertaining to an Agricultural Setting

Legal Interpreting Services, Foreign Language-Speaking Borrowers and California Civil Code 1632

Legal Interpreting Services, Privilege
and Settlement Negotiations

Legal Language Interpreters and Legal Document Translators – Another Look at Taniguchi v. Kan Pacific Saipan, LTD

Legal Language Services and Foreign Language Translator’s Role in International Law

Legal Language Services and Issues with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Legal Language Services and the Ethics of Advertising in a Foreign Language

Legal Language Services by Legal Translation Professionals, Legal Translators and Certified Legal Interpreters for Foreign Non-Profit Organizations

Legal Language Services, and Safeguarding Against Ethical Violations in International Arbitration

Legal Language Services, Legal Translation, Choice of Law and Doing Business Abroad

Legal Language Services, On-Site and Off-Site Legal Translation and Derivative Lawsuits in Foreign Countries

Legal Language Services, Rule 26(c) Protective Orders and Foreign Language Evidence: The Ninth Circuit Look

Legal Language Translation and Enforcing a Foreign Marriage Contract

Legal Language Translation and Grave Risk Exception to the Hague Convention

Legal Language Translation and the Competing Patent Debate

Legal Language Translation and the Importance of Being Specific in Arbitration Agreements

Legal Language Translation Services
Improve Odds of
Employment Discrimination Case Success

Legal Language Translation Services and International Legal Malpractice

Legal Language Translation Services and International Service of Process by Mail

Legal Language Translation Services and New International Arbitration Rules in Singapore

Legal Language Translation Services of Consumer Contracts

Legal Language Translation, Instant Messages in Foreign Languages and the Rules of Evidence

Legal Language Translation, International Estate Planning and Non-Tax Considerations

Legal Phone Interpreting
Services and the Confrontation Clause

Legal Translating Services and
Foreign Languages in the Workplace

Legal Translation and Domestic vs. International Mergers and Acquisitions

Legal Translation and Foreign Evidence in US Product Liability Cases: Introduction

Legal Translation and Insurance when Doing Business in a Foreign Country

Legal Translation and Intellectual Property in Sweden

Legal Translation and International Child Support Enforcement

Legal Translation and International Mergers and Acquisitions

Legal Translation and Interpreting Services
are Not Created Equal

Legal Translation and Interpreting, and Dealing with Linguistically Diverse Clients

Legal Translation and Jurisdiction in International Divorces

Legal Translation and Mergers and Acquisitions in China

Legal Translation and Non-Personal Service of Process in the Age of Twitter

Legal Translation and Pension Plans for Foreign Nationals

Legal Translation and Recognition, Enforcement and Recourse Against Foreign Arbitral Awards

Legal Translation and the Blurring Jurisdictional Boundary

Legal Translation and Tips
for Preventing and Managing
Commercial Disputes in China

Legal Translation and Triangular Mergers in the International Context

Legal Translation and Unfair Competition Under the Rome II Regulation

Legal Translation Experts and Legal Translators, Free Speech, Foreign Judgments and Specific Jurisdiction

Legal Translation for Attorneys and International Arbitration in India: An Overview

Legal Translation for Cases
Dealing with Defamation
in a Foreign Language

Legal Translation of
Multilingual Warning Labels
and Product Liability Lawsuits

Legal Translation of Company Policy
on Use of Information Technology

Legal Translation of Contracts,
and the International World of Sports

Legal Translation of Disclosure Statements

Legal Translation of Foreign Evidence, Rule 26(c) Protective Orders: The Second Circuit View

Legal Translation Online and Getting Employer References in the US Legal System

Legal Translation Online and Translation and Interpretation in Foreign Divorce Proceedings

Legal Translation Online, Certified Pharmaceutical Translations and Navigating the Inconsistencies in International Labeling Requirements

Legal Translation Services – China Revamps Copyright Laws

Legal Translation Services
and “English-Only” Violations Lawsuits

Legal Translation Services
and Authenticating Foreign Records

Legal Translation Services
and Drafting an Enforceable
Foreign Language Contract

Legal Translation Services
and Exporting to Japan

Legal Translation Services
and International Arbitration in France

Legal Translation Services
and New ICC Arbitration Rules

Legal Translation Services
and Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Korea

Legal Translation Services
and the Effect of the Rothschild Decision
on Jurisdictional Clauses in International Contracts

Legal Translation Services
and Your IP Strategy

Legal Translation Services
and Zodiac Motion
to Exclude Evidence

Legal Translation Services
Are Required to Detect
Plagiarism in Academia

Legal Translation Services
for Entertainment Lawyers

Legal Translation Services
for Language Accommodation in Workplace

Legal Translation Services
for Preventing and Investigating
Trade Secret Theft

Legal Translation Services
to Have the Panama Papers
Documents Reviewed by SEC
for Violations of the
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Legal Translation Services
when Exporting to Latin America

Legal Translation Services and
Presenting Certified Translation
to a Jury

Legal Translation Services and
Using Judicial Notice to
Determine Foreign Law

Legal Translation Services and Determining Jurisdiction when there is no ‘Home’

Legal Translation Services and Estate Planning with Non-Citizen Spouses

Legal Translation Services and International Code of Attorney Ethics

Legal Translation Services and Managing Foreign Language E-Discovery

Legal Translation Services and the Estate Tax for US Citizens Living Abroad

Legal Translation Services and the Need for Careful Drafting of International Arbitration Provisions

Legal Translation Services and Trademark Protection in the European Union

Legal Translation Services and Translating Recorded Conversations for Use as Evidence: Part I

Legal Translation Services and What International Financial Services Law Firms Need to Know about the Proposed EU Banking Union

Legal Translation Services for
Multilingual E-Discovery

Legal Translation Services for
Service of Process

Legal Translation Services for International Estate Planning

Legal Translation Services, Brussels II and US Divorces

Legal Translation Services, International Contract Cases and Motions to Compel

Legal Translation Services, International Contracts and the Benefits of Arbitration

Legal Translation Services, Professional Translators and Interpreters, and Taking a Franchise Overseas

Legal Translation Services,
International Arbitration and
Gateway Issues

Legal Translation Services
by Human Legal Translators:
Watch Out for the Machines

Legal Translation, and Asserting a Money Laundering Defense in the International Arbitration Setting

Legal Translation, Business Translation and U.S. Flag Vessels in the Global Economy

Legal Translation, Corruption and Compliance- What You Need to Know

Legal Translation, Court Translation and Handing Down a Foreign-Based Family Business

Legal Translation, Derivative Lawsuits and Foreign Corporate Governance

Legal Translation, Drafting an International Contract and Choice of Law

Legal Translation, Financial Translation Online and Reporting Foreign Financial Accounts

Legal Translation, Foreign Language Premarital Agreements, and Full Faith and Credit Clause

Legal Translation, Foreign Language Translation and Foreign-Language Disclosures

Legal Translation, Jurisdiction and Foreign Language Evidence

Legal Translation, Legal Translators for Legal Documents and Adopting and Re-Adopting a Foreign-Born Child

Legal Translation, Legal Translators, Juvenile Law and Non-English Speakers

Legal Translation, Multilingual Document Language Translation and Expanded Foreign Language Contract Laws

Legal Translation, On-Site and Off-Site Legal Language Services and Prenuptial Agreements

Legal Translation, On-Site Translation, Off-SiteTranslation and Global M&A Market

Legal Translation, Online Translation and International Wrongful Acts

Legal Translation, Online Translation Services, Legal Language Services, and U.S. Employment of Foreign Workers

Legal Translation, Professional Language Interpreters and Translators in Mediation in the International Family Law Context

Legal Translation, Professional Language Translation Services, Your Trademark and China

Legal translation, Tort Law
and Jurisdiction in the European Union

Legal Translation, Translator’s Affidavit, Translated Documents in a Texas Case, and Legal Translators for Attorneys in Denver, CO, and Elsewhere

Legal Translations and an Overview of European Contract Law

Legal Translations for Litigators and Corporate Attorneys- Establishing an Offshore Company

Legal Translations into Farsi, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish

Legal Translations, Financial Translations, and Foreign Investments in the U.S.

Legal Translator Services for Attorneys, Non-English Speakers and the Business Opportunity Rule

Legal Translator Services, International Arbitration and Attorney Ethics

Legal Translators and Court Interpreters- What Attorneys Need to Know about the Differences between Them

Legal Translators and Legal Interpreters for Attorneys, and Trends in Child Relocation

Legal Translators and Legal Interpreters for Attorneys, Knowledge and Patent Infringement

Legal Translators for Attorneys in Cross-Cultural Mediation

Licensed Translators and Interpreters, Translation for Attorneys, and Using Social Media Evidence to Impeach a Witness

Litigation Translation Experts, Language Experts, Certified Interpreters, and Foreign Language Recordings as Evidence

Litigation Translation Services, Marital Property Division and International Jurisdiction

Litigation Translation, Multil-Language Certified Contract Translation, Employment Law and Jurisdiction

Medical Interpretation Law, International Medical Interpreters and Translators, and the Ethics of PHRs

Medical Interpretation, Medical Interpreter Services, Foreign Language Barriers and Informed Consent

Medical Interpreters and Healthcare Translators for Health Clinics, Embryos and Property Law

Medical Interpreters, Medical Interpretation and Translation Services for Retail Pharmacies

Medical Language Interpreters for Medical Tourism

Medical Language Translation, Medical Language Interpretation in Denver, Colorado, and Elsewhere, and Non-English-Speaking Patients and Presumption of Competence

Medical Language Translation, Privacy
and Other Issues Related to Medical Tourism

Medical Translation of Informed Consent for Non-English Speaking Individuals

Medical Translation Services and Understanding the Importance of Informed Consent

Medical Translation, Legal Translation and Personal Injury Cases

Medical Translations, Professional Foreign Language Interpreting Services Prevent Medical Malpractice

Medicolegal Translations, Legal Translations, Attorney Ethics and International Arbitration

Methods and Procedures for Qualifying Translated Evidence- Translated Recorded Conversations for Use as Evidence: Part III

More on Litigation Translation, Discovery, Data Protection and Arbitration in the EU

Moving Sand Art Pictures, Feng Shui Paintings Boost Law Firms’ Profitability

Multi Language Interpretation in Court, Legal Translator Guidelines and Court-Certified Interpreters

Multi Language Translation Services, Foreign Nationals and U.S. Income Tax

Multi Language Translation, Professional Language Translation, and Privacy in the EU Workplace- the International Employer’s Perspective

Multi Language Translators and Court Interpreters, and Pitfalls in Privilege

Multi-Language Legal Language Translations
and Protecting Privilege with Foreign Language Interpreters

Multi-Language Legal Translation Services, Attorney Ethics and Social Media

Multi-Lingual Language Translation and New Changes in NLRB Deferral to Arbitration

Multil Language Legal Translation Services for Law Firms, Interpretation of ‘Of’, ‘In’ and Jurisdiction

Multilingual Certified Legal Translations, International Arbitration and Attorney Ethics

Multilingual Contract Translations, Cultural Savvy and Effective Client Relations

Multilingual Corporate Translations, Pre-Invention Contracts and the Right to Title

Multilingual Court Translation Services, Annulments and International Marriages

Multilingual Document Translation and Expert Court Translator & Interpreter Services, Section 1782 and Foreign Proceedings

Multilingual E-Discovery and Ethics: Confidentiality

Multilingual E-Discovery Translation Services
and Victor Stanley II

Multilingual Language Interpretation Services, Expats and US Taxes

Multilingual Language Translation and Clashing Cultures in Cross-Border E-Discovery

Multilingual Language Translation and New International Divorce Choice Regulations in EU

Multilingual Language Translation and the Living Will

Multilingual Legal Document Review and Translation, and Attorney-Client Privilege in the Era of Consultants

Multilingual Legal Language Translation and Tips for International Child Visitation Schedules

Multilingual Legal Language Translations, Internet Advertising and Attorney Ethics

Multilingual Legal Translation
Services for Procurement
in Local Languages

Multilingual Legal Translation Services
and US Patent Law

Multilingual Legal Translation Services and Compelled Speech in the Workplace

Multilingual Legal Translation, The Rules of Evidence and Translating Non-US Documents

Multilingual Legal Translations and Franchise Agreements

Multilingual Legal Translations and International E-Discovery Challenges

Multilingual Legal Translations and Minimizing Gift Taxes on Overseas Transfers

Multilingual Legal Translations, Recruitment Interview and the Employer’s Right to Know

Multilingual Legal Website Translations: ABA Looks to Limit Online Marketing Opportunities

Multilingual Medical Interpreters In Denver, Colorado, and Elsewhere, HIPAA and Non-English Speaking Patients

Multilingual On-Site and Off-Site Foreign Language Translations and Government Procurement

Multilingual Translation Services and Buying Timeshare Real Estate in a Foreign Country

Multilingual Translation, Legal Translation and Starting a Business in the European Union

Multilingual Translator Interpreter Services for Law Departments and Corporate Lawyers, and Multinational Corporate Governance

Multilingual Translator Services and the Trend among Expatriates

Multilingual USCIS Translations of “A Guide for New Immigrants”

Multilingual Website Translation Services and the Case for Multi-Lingual Websites

New Jersey Requires Police to Give Foreign Language Translation of Rights

New Jury System Will Alter Japan’s Cultural Patterns

Notarized and Certified Legal Translation, Courtroom Translators in Probate Court, and Probating a Foreign Will

Notarized Contract Translation Services, Certified Translation Professionals, UN CISG and International Arbitration

Notarized Multilingual Corporate Translations, Foreign Language Translations, Twitter and Copyrights

Ohio Appellate Court To Rule on the Interpretation of Islamic Marriage Contract- Mahr

On USPTO’s New Foreign-Language Document Translation Requirements

On-Site and Off-Site Multilingual International Translation and International Insolvencies

On-Site and Off-Site Professional
Translation Services

On-Site and Off-Site Professional Translation Services and International Petroleum Transactions

On-Site and Offsite Professional Translation, Online Law Translation and a Possible Solution to the Job Reference Issue

On-Site Legal Interpretation, Professional Court Interpreters, Legal Translators and State Court Interpreter Programs

On-Site Legal Language Services, On-Site and Off-Site Legal Translators and Foreign Extradition when Conviction is In Absentia

On-Site Legal Translators, Legal Interpreters Online, Foreign Language-Speaking Witnesses, Mental Capacity and Admissibility

On-Site Medical Interpreters
for Non-English-Speaking Patients
and Patient Family Members

On-Site Medical Interpreting Services
Shield Healthcare Facilities
from Malpractice Claims

Online Language Translation and Multilingual Social Media as Evidence

Online Language Translation and U.S. Anti-bribery Law in the International Arena

Online Legal Language and Court Translation Services, Internet Marketing and Copyrights in Digital Advertising

Online Legal Translation and Issues in International Mergers and Acquisitions

Online Legal Translation Services and Tips for Expat Clients

Online Legal Translation, Mediation and the Importance of the Written Agreement

Online Legal Translations for Arbitral Panels and International Tribunals

Online Pharmaceutical Translators, Online Legal Translators and Informed Consent

Online Professional Translation, Online Legal Translation, the Law of Obligations and Enforceability of Foreign Country Money Judgments

Onsite and Offsite Legal Translation, IP Translation and the United States International Trade Commission

Onsite Medical Interpreting Services
for Health Care Facilities

Partial Translation Services in Complex Patent Cases

Patent Translation Costs To Drop as France Ratifies London Agreement

Patent Translation Services
and Protecting Your Patent
Here and Abroad

Patent Translation Services
Attorneys Can Trust

Patent Translation Services
into Official Languages of
EPO’s Contracting States
Essential for Obtaining European Patents

Patent Translation Services for Intellectual Property Attorneys and Law Firms, or Can a Foreign Language Word Get a Trademark Protection?

Patent Translations for Attorneys & Lawyers, and Protecting Your Client’s Intellectual Property Both Here and Abroad

Pharmaceutical Translation, Language Translation for Product Liability Lawyers, Products Liability Claims, and English Only Warnings

Pharmaceutical Translations, Medical Translations and the European Union’s Fast Track Approval Process for US Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Translations, Pharmaceutical Document Translation Services Sites Vital for Private Companies Conducting Research on Human Subjects in Developing Countries

Portuguese and Korean Recognized
as Official WIPO Languages

Portuguese Legal Translations and Drafting Arbitration Clauses in Cross-Border Contracts: Brazil

Probative Value of Foreign Language Website Evidence, and Foreign Language Translation

Product Labeling Translation Requirements

Professional Certified Language Translation and Determining Home Country for Estate Tax Purposes

Professional Certified Translation Services and the Rule of Confidentiality in an International Setting

Professional Corporate Translation for In-House Law Departments and Law Firms, and Communication with Offshore Vendors

Professional Document Translation
Services – Machine versus Human

Professional Document Translation for In-House Counsel and Litigators, and Defining Punitive Damages in the EU

Professional Foreign Language Translation for International Franchise Attorneys and International Franchising

Professional Interpreting and Translation Services, National Origin Discrimination and Foreign Language Speakers

Professional Language Interpreting, Professional Language Translation and Maryland’s Rule of Measure for Translation Services – 3% of Population

Professional Language Translation and Foreign Evidence in US Product Liability Cases: Admissibility

Professional Language Translation for Corporate Counsel and Litigation Departments, and Private Rules for International Discovery

Professional Language Translation Services and Consumer Protection

Professional Language Translation Services for Attorney Marketing and Law Firm Marketing

Professional Legal Translation and Taxing International Partnerships

Professional Legal Translation Online, Onsite Legal Language Interpreter Services and Compliance in Employment Recruiting

Professional Legal Translation Services-
Choose Your Legal Translators Wisely

Professional Legal Translation Services, and a Brief Introduction to Transnational Legal Research

Professional Legal Translations, Alien Tort Statute and Corporate Law

Professional Legal Translators
and Best Practices for Successful
Foreign Language Document Review

Professional Medical Language Interpretation and Translation Services and Medical Malpractice in a Foreign Country: Venue

Professional Technical Language Document Translations of Spanish and Portuguese Environmental Regulations

Professional Technical Translation
Services Help Get on the Same Page
with Engineering Clients

Professional Translation & Interpreter Services, Multilingual Litigation Solutions, and International Insolvency Law

Professional Translation & Interpreting Services for Family Law Attorneys, Child Custody and Visitation in a Foreign Environment

Professional Translation and Determining Applicability of U.S. Employment Laws in International Setting

Professional Translation and Estate Taxes in an International Setting

Professional Translation and Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Provide Competitive Advantage in the Year of the Snake 2013

Professional Translation of
Voting Instructions
for LEP Voters

Professional Translation Online, Professional Legal Interpreting and Translation Services Facilitate Foreign Direct Investments

Professional Translation Services & Gestational Surrogacy Contract

Professional Translation Services & Legal Issues When Marketing to a Foreign Language-Speaking Consumer

Professional Translation Services
and the Importance of Informed Consent

Professional Translation Services
for Successful Mediation
in the Latino Community

Professional Translation Services and Cross-Border Divorces: EU and the US

Professional Translation Services and Reporting Requirements for Foreign Financial Assets

Professional Translation Services for Employer Defense Attorneys, Employer’s Vicarious Liability and Foreign Language Speakers

Professional Translation Services for Enforcement and Execution of Judgments within an International Context

Professional Translation Services for Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys

Professional Translation Services for Matrimonial and Divorce Attorneys, and Having a Foreign Granted Divorce Recognized in a U.S. Court

Professional Translation Services Not Required

Professional Translation Services, International Estate Planning and Tax Considerations

Professional Translation Services, Legal Translations and International Franchise Mediation

Professional Translation Tips on Managing Large Scale Foreign Language Discovery

Professional Translation, International Discovery: The Hague Evidence Convention

Reach Out to Foreign Clients
with the Help of
Legal Language Services

Ready to Outsource Legal Translations Offshore? Think Again!

Real Estate Lease Translations to English, Legal Interpreting Services and Multilingual Translations of Real Estate Sales Contracts

Real Estate Translation Services, Financial Translations, Mortgage Contract Translations and the True Appreciation of the Law

Russian Interpreter Services during
Witness Testimony in Case
Involving the Withdrawal of Life Support

Russian Interpreter’s Poor Interpretation Causes a Halted Trial: Why Attorneys Must Learn to Differentiate Between Competent Court Interpreters and Unqualified Individuals

Russian Legal Translations
and Chinese Legal Translations
Help Navigate the International
Waters of Digital Piracy

Russian Legal Translations and Setting Up a Limited Liability Company in Russia

Russian-English Legal Translation, English-Russian Court Translation
and Navigating the Russian Foreign Arbitration System

Spanish Legal Translation Services
and Buying a House in
Costa Rica

Spanish Legal Translations, English-Spanish Translation for In-House Law Departments and Business Law Attorneys, and Purchasing Real Estate in Mexico

Spanish to English Translation
Services and Settling Down in Panama

Spanish-Speaking Minorities Favor Judges Over Juries, Study Shows

Specialized Document Translation Services and Protecting the Cloud

Swedish Translation Services for Attorneys

Technical Online Translations and Online Professional Foreign Language Translation of Chemical Nomenclature

Technical Translation Services, Engineering Translators, Legal Interpreters and Translators for Climate Change Litigation

Technical Translation, Due Diligence Translations, Oil and Gas Industry Translations, and Mining Industry Translations

Technical Translation, Language Translation & Interpreting Services, or “What’s That?…Do You Copy?”

The Delicate Nature of
Professional Medical Interpreting
and Medical Translation Services

The EU Law Translations and Foreign Language Interpreting/ Translation in the EU

The Legal Risks of Using
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Services
for Non-English-Speaking Patients

Trademark Translation and the Donkey Kong Effect

Translated and Interpreted Depositions, Attorney Ethics and Bad Behavior Towards Foreign Language Speakers

Translated Documents, Translation Experts and Legal Protections against Research on Human Subjects in Developing Nations

Translated Recorded Conversations for Use as Evidence: Part IV Presenting the Foreign Language Translation to the Jury

Translating Multilingual Language Documents for Litigation Departments and Litigation Case Managers during e-Discovery

Translating Safety Policies for Worker Safety

Translation / Interpretation Experts for Litigation, Court Interpreters, and Foreign Accents in the Courtrooms

Translation Experts, Foreign Language Translations, Offshore Hedge Funds and Chapter 15

Translation for Attorneys, Intellectual Property and Google Ads

Translation for the USCIS and Immigration Attorneys: Share Foreign-Language Translations of “The Federal Court System in the United States” with Your Foreign Clients

Translation Issues in Cross-Border Contract Law: Which Foreign Language to Use?

Translation of “Federal Protections Against National Origin Discrimination” Brochure into 16 Foreign Languages

Translation of Court Documents in Judicial Proceedings Instituted by the United States

Translation of Last Will and Testament

Translation of Legal Contracts, Legal Translation of Legal Documents, the Sherman Act and Professional Sports in the Global Market

Translation of Prenuptial Agreements
Written in a Language
Other Than English

Translation of Sensitive Documents
by Human Professional Translators

Translation Services and Unregistered Foreign Copyrights in U.S. Courts

Translation Services USA and Certified Notarized Translations of US Immigration Documents

Translation, Foreign Language Ability and Jury Excusal

Translation/ Interpretation Experts, and Qualifying a Foreign Language Interpreter as an Expert

Translation/ Interpretation Services and Mergers and Acquisitions Under EU Competition Law

Translations for Corporate Counsel and Law Firms, FTC and Foreign Language Complaints

Translations for Human Resources and Risk Management Departments, and Using Foreign Language Translations to Create Enforceable Employee Handbooks

Translations for Lawyers & Litigators, and Foreign Regulatory Evidence in Products Liability Cases

Translations of Bankruptcy Information Sheet, and Court Interpreters for 341 Meetings

Translations of Consular Notification Statement in 17 Languages

Translators & Interpreters for Attorneys & Litigation, & Standard of Review for Appealing Foreign Language Translation Errors

Translators and Interpreters as Expert Witnesses in Federal Courts

Translators for Court Cases, Legal Language Translation Services and Ethical Issues in International Arbitration

Urdu Document Translation Issues
Do Not Lead to Dismissal of Case
Between Urdu Speaking Parties

Use Professional Medical
Translation Services to Comply
with Affordable Care Act

Website Translation Services, Social Media and the Discovery Process

What Attorneys Should Know about Different Modes of Court Interpreting to Work with Court Interpreters More Effectively

What Foreign Clients
Want from Their Lawyers

When the English Translation Controls

Which Party Pays
for Foreign Language Translations? – The Rosado Ruling

Which Party Pays the Costs of Document Disclosure, Including Multi-Language Translation?

Why Foreign Clients
Will Seek You Out

Why Legal Translations of
Multilingual Contracts Are
Important for Businesses

Why Professional Legal Translation
of Foreign Wills is
Important in Probate Cases

Why Professional Patent Translations
Are Important for Patent Litigation

Why You Need a
Professional Foreign Language Interpreter
at Your Next Adjustment of
Status Interview

Witness Interview Interpreter Services

Witness Interview Interpreting, Professional Language Translation, Certified Translation, and Obtaining Foreign Evidence in Russian Litigation

Witness Interview Translators, Deposition Interpretation & Translation Services in a Foreign Deposition in U.S. Federal Cases

Worldwide Legal Translation and Tips for Complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Worldwide Multilingual Legal Translator Services and Another Look at Kiobel