On-Site Medical Interpreters for Non-English-Speaking Patients

Professional In-Person Medical Interpreting Services Save Lives

Competent medical interpreting services provided by trained and certified medical and healthcare interpreters and certified medical translators not only insure the needed language access to healthcare, but also help increase the limited English proficient (LEP) patient satisfaction and compliance.  According to civil rights laws in some states, equal medical treatment for all patients – regardless of their English proficiency – must be ensured. However, the law is not the only reason that foreign language interpreting and foreign language health care translation and interpretation services in the hospital or other medical settings are required.

According to a University of Wisconsin study, when language barriers impede communication between a patient and a doctor or medical staff, medical mishaps occur 63 percent of the time. And when a medical mishap occurs, a medical malpractice suit often follows.

Thus, in order to comply with local civil rights laws, a hospital should have easy access to medical foreign language interpreters and health care foreign language interpreters. More so, in order to adequately diagnose a foreign language-speaking patient and provide the necessary treatment (requirements for overcoming a malpractice suit) foreign language translations are necessary.

Contact our multilingual medical interpreting and medical and corporate translation and interpretation company to request on-site certified and competent medical translators/ interpreters, fluent in Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Urdu, Russian, Vietnamese, and other exotic and commonly used foreign languages.


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