Language Interpreters Service and Antitrust Forum-Shopping: The English Situation

Professional legal translation services play an important role in antitrust litigation. The English Courts recently issued a decision (Provimi Ltd and ors v Aventis Animal Nutrition SA and ors) that essentially opened the door to non-UK claimants bringing competition law damages claims in English jurisdiction. The Court held that a corporate entity, such as a branch or subsidiary, may be held liable for implementing a cartel contrary to the law, even if it had no knowledge of the cartel or never made sales of a cartelized product to the claimant.

Essentially what this means is that now a foreign victim has the power to sue all foreign members of a cartel in England so long as there is at a minimum one subsidiary of the cartelists located within British jurisdiction. With England, particularly London, being a leading international business city, this decision could create a wave of foreign-based litigation occurring on English soil. As such, foreign language translations of international incorporation documents and antitrust laws will be required.

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