Multilingual Translator Interpreter Services for Law Firms

Translators and Interpreters for Law Firms

Corporate translating and interpreter services and professional legal translations and financial translations are vital for the global economy, as evidenced by the current international financial crisis. Although some would argue that one of the problems is a lack of multinational corporate governance laws, this is not an area where international law fears to tread. In fact, international trade law plays a significant role in corporate governance.

However, the system remains complex as multinational companies are often governed by the laws of several jurisdictions – both the jurisdiction in which they are chartered in and the jurisdiction(s) in which they are doing business.  Add to this the fact that more often than not a multinational corporation is able to wade between the various jurisdictions in order to find the most profitable outcome, and the concept of multinational corporate governance becomes little more than a legal maze.

In order to find one’s way through this multi-jurisdiction maze, foreign language court translations are a must. First, one must start by getting a foreign language translation of the corporation’s charter and the laws of that jurisdiction. One must also analyze the laws governing the jurisdictions in which the company is doing business. Both stages require not only accurate courtroom translation, but also accurate foreign language legal translations and accurate foreign language financial translations.

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