Multilingual Court Translation Services, Annulments and International Marriages

International marriages and divorces require accurate legal translation and multilingual language interpretation services. A surprisingly common situation in international marriages follows these lines. There is an arranged marriage. The wife comes to the United States several months following the foreign marriage. When she arrives she finds that the husband already is in a relationship and the wife is ignored. The husband eventually sends the wife back to her native country and subsequently sues for divorce. Add to these facts the following: In Indian society divorce is socially unacceptable and a divorced woman will be shamed and take on an unmarriageable status.

Perhaps these are appropriate circumstances for an annulment? In one case, the judge gave the woman an opportunity to amend her pleadings for an annulment on the grounds of fraud, finding that the husband’s conduct demonstrated that he did not intend the objects of matrimony. The judge further ordered the husband to pay the wife the amount of dowry paid by her family.

Under such situations where cultural norms and customs play such a large role in a divorce case, it is essential to have a foreign language translation of all testimony and documents. In order to lay the grounds for an annulment in an arranged marriage, often times witness testimony will be required, which, when dealing with a foreign marriage, will require foreign language interpretations.

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