Language Translation,
Foreign Language Speakers
and Social Security Fraud

Lack of accurate translations of social security documents into foreign languages can often lead to misunderstandings and even to criminal changes. But what happens in the absence of a language barrier when a person applies for Social Security Benefits on the basis of a claim that she has breast cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and post-traumatic stress disorder and then gives the Social Security Administration medical documents related to these diseases – that she made herself – not to mention claiming she only has eight to twelve months to live?

That person ends up in jail – at least in Wisconsin. And that’s exactly what a 32-year-old Wisconsin woman found out last month when she was sentenced for Social Security fraud.

However, sometimes a person receiving Social Security Disability benefits is unaware of what they can and cannot do with the benefits- particularly when they are a foreign language speaker and no foreign language translations of the Administration’s complex forms and procedures are available. For this reason, it is essential that one convey to a foreign language-speaking recipient exactly what limitations and restrictions apply.

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