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Finding a company you can trust with patent translation services and professional translation of sensitive legal and technical documents can be a daunting task.  IP translation services, in general, and clinical trial translation services and patent translations, in particular, are vital for businesses in the era of international trade, product pirating, and myriads of government regulations that can vary widely from country to country.

One hopes, of course, that one never has to defend their patents in court, but when it happens, it pays to have every I dotted and every T crossed. The annals of legal history are filled with patent litigation and copyright cases where a single line from the wording of a piece of registered intellectual property has swayed judges to decide one way or another.

Clearly, then, when it comes to translating your patent into another language, it’s essential that the patent translator have a professional’s eye for detail and an extremely well-honed understanding of the nuances of word meanings when the patent translator actually performs the translation tasks.

This is one reason why it’s so important to have a certified translator. Certified translators who specialize in translation of patents and technical documents are trained to handle exactly this kind of situation to provide professional patent translation services from Japanese, Hungarian, German, Chinese, and other languages to English. Years of experience combined with top level training are what give you the confidence and assurance that the translation of your patent will accurately and precisely represent the essential nature of your unique and innovate idea.  We also can provide you with an accurate Chinese to English translations of office actions issued by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

Beware of shopping for a patent translation based upon price! That’s actually the worst way to make your decision, because inevitably the lowest price will always be offered by the least qualified patent translation services provider.

Major corporations would never hire the lowest priced patent attorney to draft their patents. Instead, they aim to hire the top scoring graduates of the best law schools in the country. Anything less, and they know that they’re playing with fire.

This is one area where price should play as little role as possible in your decision-making process.

And when you find the patent translation company you really believe in, don’t even think about price. Think about value, because what you’re really trying to do is to protect the value of your patent in countries around the world.

These are the questions you MUST ask, because the answers you get back can mean the difference between gold and fool’s gold, in terms of your long-term ROI.

And that’s certainly worth the price to protect, by any standard.

One final reminder: don’t believe anyone who tells you that you should pick them because they have the most competitive patent translation rates.

Instead, turn and run as fast as possible in the opposite direction!

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