Professional Technical Language Document Translations of Spanish and Portuguese Environmental Regulations

We’ve blogged about professional document translation services used during climate change litigation and the role of technical translations in registering a foreign aircraft in the U.S. Operating a US branch or subsidiary overseas is becoming more and more complex – mainly because the body of rules and regulations regarding the environment are becoming more tailored to specific jurisdictions. Many environmental regulations contain highly technical engineering and natural science terminology requiring services of professional Spanish-English and Portuguese-English technical translators and interpreters. Gone are the days when all litigation occurred at the public/international law level. Today, many international corporate cases are being adjudicated in international tribunals, meaning that companies now need to learn a whole new legal system, which are often tailored to a specific issue like the environment.

These international tribunals make it easier for a foreign country to litigate specific international claims before an international body. The key point to keep in mind is that these tribunals differ significantly from national courts. For example, many (i.e., the International Court of Justice), lack the power to enforce decisions. However, a new generation of international tribunals is developing, particularly as to dealing with international commercial and investment issues, which do have the power to exercise compulsory jurisdiction and render enforceable decisions.

Often, these tribunals focus on conflicts of law dealing with local rules and regulations. In practice, this means that companies doing business in a foreign jurisdiction must understand these rules and regulations. And to do this, a professional English language translation of all relevant rules should be readily available to the foreign branch and/or subsidiary.

Contact our multilingual engineering translations company to obtain professional technical language translation of environmental regulations from Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French, and other foreign languages.

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