“Translation for Lawyers” Featured in ABA Journal’s Article on Remote Foreign Language Interpreting Services

“Translation for Lawyers” in ABA Journal’s Article on Remote Legal Interpreting Services

Remote foreign language interpretation services, i.e. services provided by a foreign language interpreter who is not on-site, and, therefore, not in the presence of the speaker, have been around for a long time. Such live, real-time foreign language interpreting services are occasionally referred to as “telephone interpreting”, “telephonic interpreting”, and even “video interpreting”. “Remote courtroom interpretation services, on the other hand, are still novel for many jurisdictions.

Nina has recently been quoted in the ABA Journal‘s article “Translation Station”, which talks about a special telephone technology that allows foreign language interpreters to work remotely and interpret court proceedings in real time.

Remote court interpreting can certainly work in certain circumstances, but “doesn’t translate to every situation”, points out the article.

According to the information on the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts’ Web site, the Telephone Interpreting Program (TIP) was approved in 1994 for simultaneous interpreting of short proceedings, such as pretrial hearings or initial appearances. The remote court interpreting program was designed to facilitate access to qualified foreign language interpreters in situations, in which no certified or otherwise qualified court interpreters were available locally.

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