Feng Shui for Lawyers, Chinese New Year of the Rabbit and Online Chinese Translation Services

We’ve blogged about the role of professional English-Chinese and Chinese-English corporate and legal translation and interpreting services when doing business with China and other collectivist cultures of the East.

With the first day of the 2011 Chinese New Year of the Rabbit falling on February 3, 2011, attorneys who want to attract more domestic and foreign-born clients and to enhance their corporate reputation and prosperity will need to surround their law offices with more positive energies. And the transformational and healing power of Feng Shui can help. According to classical traditional Feng Shui, every office has lucky and unlucky areas. The unlucky areas are likely to generate unlucky negative energies, which can harm the law practice.

Getting the law firm’s office space rid of the negative energies, will make the business run smoothly and grow. Consider hiring an experienced corporate Feng Shui healer, practitioner and consultant, who practices traditional classical Feng Shui to improve the energy of your office space and home.

So what does the Year of the Rabbit hold for you, your law firm and your law firm’s cash flow?

As compared with 2010, the year of the Tiger, rabbits are more peaceful and calmer than tigers- so expect to see more peace in 2011, the Year of the Rabbit. Also remember, rabbits don’t walk- they jump. According to the Classical Feng Shui Master George Yau, the Year of the Rabbit promises new ideas, and offers young companies a better chance to grow. In the Year of the Rabbit 2011 the South and the North parts of your office and your house become lucky areas. So to experience better luck in the Year of the Rabbit, and to make things brighter, put more lamps in the South side of your law firm’s corporate space and in your home office. To grow lucky Chi (life force energy), install water fountains in the North side of your corporate office and your home.

But be forewarned: the negative energies of the West part of your law office and home will harm you in 2011- especially if you were born in the Year of the Rabbit. To protect the positive energies of your corporate office and home in 2011 and to help your law firm grow, hire an experienced traditional classical corporate Feng Shui consultant. Happy New Year of the Rabbit!

Check out Feng Shui inspired wall art decor to improve your luck and success.

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