Hebrew Legal Translation and Divorce in the International Context

Hebrew to English Legal Translation Services

We’ve blogged about legal translation and legal interpreting services in the context of international matrimonial law. Divorce law is highly influenced by the culture of the individual country. And when a country is defined by religious custom, then religion plays a role in the evolution of divorce and family law. For example, in Israel family law falls into two different areas of practice: civil law and religious law (although religious law is applicable to citizens based on their religious affiliation). For this reason, depending on the issue, a case may be brought before either a family law court or a religious court.

As a general rule, since religious law if generally patriarchal, most matters relating to family life come under civil jurisdiction. However, it is important to note that not all matters are clearly defined as civil or religious and thus the attorney representing an Israeli client must take great care to define the issue as a civil matter rather than a personal matter (with personal matters falling on the religious side.

To do this, a foreign language translation of both the civil and religious laws will be necessary. Another important aspect to consider is if the divorce will need to be recognized in a foreign country, such as the United States. In this case, most modern jurisdiction will be skeptical of a religious law ruling, meaning getting a civil court order is more beneficial. More so, a foreign language translation of any court order will be required for international recognition.

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