Document Translation Services
and Successful International Arbitration

Legal Translation Services for Arbitration

Legal document translation services for arbitration are becoming increasingly common for parties to submit disputed international contracts to arbitration. The reason for this is that arbitration offers several distinct advantages over litigation in foreign courts – namely the ability to select the place, language, decision maker and procedure for the arbitration.

In international arbitration the parties can pick the language in which they would like the proceeding to be conducted. Unlike in litigation, where language is determined by the place of litigation, the place of arbitration does not predetermine the language, and parties can thus agree on a language that is most convenient.

Likewise, the parties can also agree to have the arbitration conducted in two languages. However, it should be noted that it is more common for the parties to agree on one language while expressly allowing documents to be filed in two or more languages with foreign language translations.

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