Certified Legal Language Translation
of Religious Law Documents

Limitation on Foreign and
Religious Law in US Courts

Religious Law Legal Translation Services

Religious law legal translation services and multilingual court interpreting services come in handy when dealing with foreign and religious laws. As a direct result of an increasing ‘fear’ of the influence of international law and religious customs on the US legal system, currently numerous states have proposed legislation that would place significant limitations on this. One concern, from a practice point of view, about this type of legislation is the effect it will have on international family law, where international and religious law often plays a legitimate, fundamental and well-established role. Any legislation that limits the role of international law will disrupt this, with consequences to the families.

For example, Georgia Bill 242, entitled American Laws for Georgia Courts Act, says that no court or government may enforce a foreign law, or defter to a foreign court, if doing so would violate a right guaranteed by the US or state Constitution. Further, it nullifies any contract where a party agrees to be bound by foreign laws or courts, if the enforcement or application of the contract would result in a violation of constitutional rights. Even the process of determining whether a foreign law violates a constitutional right creates issues. For example, a foreign language translation of the foreign law will be required for the court to base its determination on.

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