Foreign Language Translations
as a Foreclosure Avoidance Strategy for Immigrants

Mortgage Contract Translation Service

We’ve blogged about the importance of mortgage contract translations for the benefit of non-English-speaking homeowners.  Owning a home is one part of the American Dream. With secure jobs and attractive mortgage packages, many immigrants were able to pursue that dream.  In today’s tight economic situation, an immigrant facing property foreclosure can either surrender the keys and walk away from the property, or devise a strategy to avoid foreclosure. Under general circumstances, these could be any of the following: repayment plan, forbearance, loan modification, selling one’s home, deed in lieu of foreclosure, Chapter 7, or Chapter 11, or Chapter 13.

Non-English-speaking homeowners may be entitled to foreign language translation services. In California and Maryland, for example, foreign language translation of many documents is a mandatory requirement.  In states where there are no specific statutes for foreign language translation, other laws may apply to protect the immigrant homeowners from national origin discrimination.

Foreign-born homeowners might discuss a foreclosure avoidance strategy with their lawyers to determine if they can avoid foreclosure by invoking certain consumer rights related to enforceable foreign language translation, or, rather, to the lack thereof.

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