Financial Translation Services for Foreign Investments in the U.S.

Foreign Investment Documents Translation Services

Part of finalizing a foreign investment in the United States involves satisfying the procedures set up by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). Financial document translation, accounting document translation, and legal document translation of foreign language documents constitutes an important step in this process. The purpose of the CFIUS is to ensure that foreign investments do not have any national security implications.

According to the CFIUS process, any and all companies planning to become involved in the acquisition, merger or investment of a foreign business, must notify the CFIUS. The CFIUS will conduct a 30 day review of the proposed transaction.

Typically, foreign investments proposed to the CFIUS receive approval. Some high-profile cases that have undergone CFIUS review include the China National Offshore Oil Corporation’s attempted acquisition of UNOCAL, the Dubai Port World’s move to become operator of numerous U.S. ports and the NTT Communications’ acquisition of Verio in 2000.

The application process for the CFIUS approval is complex and involves submission of significant amounts of documents from both companies for review. Since foreign investment involves a foreign company, many pertinent documents will be in a foreign language. Being a U.S. government agency, the CFIUS requires that the supporting documentation be submitted in English. Thus, an accurate English language translation of all foreign language documents must be made. Further, it is beneficial to submit professionally translated and certified foreign language translation along with the original document.

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