Legal Language Services by Legal Translation Professionals, Legal Translators and Certified Legal Interpreters for Foreign Non-Profit Organizations

Legal language services and business and corporate translation services are important not only for public companies and private corporations doing business internationally, but also for non-profit groups.  As many non-profit organizations are international in scope, many set up subsidiaries in foreign countries, thus generating an ongoing need for multilingual legal translations and multilingual corporate translations. A foreign non-profit organization may register in the United States, but must follow a specific procedure that is rather similar to registering a corporation in the U.S.  It should be noted, however, that every state has its own specific registration requirements for foreign non-profit organizations, so be sure to consult the statutes of the jurisdiction of registration.

To begin, a Certificate of Authority for Foreign Corporation must be filed, along with a Certificate of Good Standing from the country in which the organization is registered. The Certificate of Good Standing will often be in the native language of that country, with a foreign language translation attached. Further, articles of incorporation and addendum should also be filed, both in the native language of the corporation and with a foreign language translation into English.

Contact our legal translation and corporate interpreting and translation firm to retain professional legal translators and deposition interpreters in all languages in Denver, Colorado, and elsewhere, and to obtain certified Farsi translation, certified Slovak translation, as well certified translations for all other foreign languages.

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