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Academic document translation services provided by language translation and language interpreting professionals help alleviate foreign language and cultural barriers.  Many foreign students studying in the U.S. encounter difficulties with cultural adjustments and in daily conversational English. The level of difficulties experienced by international students depends on the pedagogical exposures they acquired in their native countries. The students from countries where the teaching instruction is done in English are found to be more capable of adjusting to the American environment than the students from countries where English is not taught as a second language.

There are many technical terms that can be conveyed only in English, as there could be no parallel terminology available in any spoken or written foreign language.  International students, who are not fluent in English, are often restricted from expressing their thoughts clearly.  Their English language difficulties may not only impact their academic performance, but can also lead to frustration, being cast as an outsider and a possible discrimination lawsuit.

Through foreign language translation and support, international students, including Arab students, could increase their chances of achieving their goals. Not only would they develop more interpersonal confidence in their social and learning environments, but with the correct comprehension of technical terms, any foreign student pursuing career studies in the U.S. will surely obtain an infinite edge. Furthermore, as many universities already provide foreign language translations support to Spanish speaking students, offering similar foreign language translation support to other non-English speakers will avoid the potential to a discrimination lawsuit.

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