Legal Translation Services – China Revamps Copyright Laws

We’ve blogged about Feng Shui for attorneys and Chinese-English and English-Chinese legal and trademark translation services. China‘s governing copyright bureau recently released new rules for copyright pledge registration. In China, copyrights, like other property rights, can be pledged as financial security. The new rules eliminate the intermediary steps that were previously required and instead allows one to declare directly to the State Copyright Bureau, who is responsible for registering copyright pledges.

Once a pledge is made, it then needs to be registered in the Register of Copyright Pledges. If the pledge is originally in a foreign language, then the foreign language translation must also be included. If any changes to the assignment of the pledge are made, then these too must be included. If a dispute arises regarding the pledge, all resolutions will be based on the information contained in the pledge, so having an accurate foreign language translation is essential.

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