Multilingual Website Translation Services

Website Translation Services in More than 100 Foreign Languages

Having a multilingual website automatically gives your business global reach, and the potential for a global audience. Of course, a wider audience means a wider range of foreign languages spoken by your website’s visitors and viewers. With multilingual translation services, you could expand your services worldwide.

Interestingly, in 2013 nine out of 10 of the top global Internet sites- Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, Apple, and Yahoo, just to name a few- were based in the United States, and 79 percent of their visitors were based outside of the U.S.

In 2014, only six US-based companies were in the top 10, with others replaced by Chinese companies like Alibaba and Sohu. The companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have stayed in the top 10 largely because they offer rich content experiences in numerous languages, and pay attention to where their users are coming from. This shift shows how important websites that appeal to a global audience are, and how much more powerful US-based websites could be if they offered more languages.

The above shift in the top 10 has encouraged companies to work on a more global scale, and in 2014 more and more businesses started to translate content, and into more languages than ever before. Twenty-five percent of companies that translate their websites translate them into 15 languages on average, while 50-percent of companies with translated content offer at least six languages.

Facebook offers so many languages that its site represents the languages of 90 percent of people in the world. When Facebook launched in Italian, its number of users more than doubled in a mere four months. When it launched in French, it gained one million new users.

As technology becomes cheaper and more efficient, more and more people have access to the Internet, and more and more people are hoping to participate online. Businesses must accommodate a range of foreign languages in order to compete on an international level. If companies are not strategic in their language growth, they will lose to their competitors who are building and retaining growth on a more global scale.

Of course, your company’s lawyers should be well familiar with all the information on your website. You will need to invest in professional translations services so your lawyers would become familiar with any differences between your original English language website content and its translated versions localized for the countries where your company is doing business in. Similarly, if lawsuits or issues arise from an international user, you will need foreign language translators to assist your lawyer in solving the problem in an expedient way.

Expanding your business internationally is an exciting prospect, and with a great team of All Language Alliance, Inc. professional translators and interpreters you’ll be on the way to becoming a global company.

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