Corporate Translation, Multilingual Legal Language Translation and the Website Privacy Policy

We’ve blogged about multilingual legal website translation services and the importance of using professional legal translators and legal interpreters in corporate matters. Any business that does business online – or even merely has a website – must understand the unique liabilities that arise and, more importantly, how to protect themselves. For example, due to the ever-increasing threat of identity theft, every company’s website must provide visitors with notification on how their private information will be used, who has access to it and why. If such a Privacy Policy is not included, not only do you risk turning away potential customers, but also open the door to potential litigation.

For example, as websites know no geographic borders, as some jurisdictions have strict privacy laws, you could be liable if someone does business on your site in that country.

A Privacy Policy can be very simple, but it should be written with the view of your intended audience. If you know that many of your visitors speak a foreign language, it is a good idea to include foreign language translations of the policy on the site.

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