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Arbitration Translations in Malaysian, Mandarin Chinese,Tamil

Malay, Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and English document translations are required when doing business with companies in Singapore, as these are the country’s official languages. In early April Singapore issued its new International Arbitration Act 2012, which amends the 2010 edition. The amended version contains four key changes:

Negative Jurisdictional Rulings

According to the Act, if a tribunal decides as a preliminary question that it has no jurisdiction, the aggrieved party has no recourse to judicial review.

Tribunal’s Power to Award Interest

The Act does not clearly define the scope of a tribunal’s power to award post-award interest and interest on costs. It does, however, allow a tribunal to award a simple or compound interest at a rate deemed appropriate by the arbitration tribunal.

Emergency Arbitrator Procedure

The Act now accords emergency arbitrators the same standing as any other arbitral tribunal and to ensure that orders of emergency arbitrators are equally enforceable.

Writing Requirement

All arbitration agreements under the International Arbitration Act can now include “an agreement made by electronic communication if the information contained therein is accessible so as to be useable for subsequent reference”. In other words, an arbitration agreement will be deemed “in writing” if “its content is recorded in any form, whether or not the arbitration agreement or contract has been concluded orally, by conduct, or by other means.”

This of course requires that the parties both agree using a language that they understand. As this is an international arbitration agreement, naturally there will be instances where the parties are from different backgrounds – meaning that legal document translation services will play an essential role.

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