Certified Translation of
License Agreements

License Agreement Translation Services

The absence of a proper certified translation can wreck havoc on the terms, conditions and the enforceability of a license agreement. For example, take a software vendor. One of the greatest challenges they face when exporting their licensing agreement is translating English-language license agreement to foreign languages.

First, there is the concern that the licensee may have a better position for bargaining by insisting that the license be written in the local language or in the local languages. And if the agreement remains in English, there is the worry that if it is involved in any legal proceedings, whether or not a foreign court will understand the terms or misinterpret its intent. But if the license agreement has a foreign language translation, how can the vendor be sure the translation captures the true intent of the parties?

The best solution to this situation is to draft an original, English language agreement that uses concise and straightforward terms and concepts, all of which are carefully defined. Then, the vendor should work with their own translator who is familiar with the product and the intent of the agreement.

Contact our legal translation services company to translate an English license agreement to Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and other languages.


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