Certified Translation for Contract Performance in China

Legal Chinese to English Translation Services

We’ve blogged about the importance of professional English to Chinese and Mandarin to English translation services to obtain certified translations of English-Chinese license agreements. The key to drafting a good contract is to clearly detail everything in writing and in a manner that all obligations and responsibilities are clear and obvious to all participating parties. When dealing with a contract in China, this means using a foreign language translation during all stages of the contract negotiation and drafting.

By detail, we mean detail. It is not enough to simply list every participants’ performance obligations, the contract should also include the specific time that the performance is supposed to happen, the exact place it should happen and the specific price it should be done for. This may sound tedious, but failing to make sure all these components are clearly stated could leave you open to liability.

More so, Chinese contract law states that when drafting the contract, you must use the state or industry standard or market price. So if this is not specifically set out in the contract, you could be held liable for failing to uphold the required standards.

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