International Legal Contract Language Translation, and Registering a Foreign LLC

Legal Translation Services to Set Up a Foreign Company

Certified and notarized multilingual legal language translation and certified and notarized multilingual legal interpretation services play an important role in a global business world. It is not unusual for a foreign company to want to register in another country – often times as a Limited Liability Corporation (or foreign equivalent thereof). Typically, a foreign LLC can qualify to do business in another country by:

  • Filing the appropriate documentation with the local corporation commission. If native language is other than local language, all papers of formation will need to include a foreign language translation.
  • Showing a certificate of good standing or equivalent document issued by the country of formation. Again, a foreign language translation of this evidence must accompany the original.
  • Ensuring that the LLC name, or its foreign language translations, does not conflict with an existing LLC within that jurisdiction.
  • Filing the necessary paperwork to establish self as a legal entity in that jurisdiction (as a subsidiary or branch, for example).
  • Paying the required fees.

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