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We’ve blogged about Chinese to English legal translation services to protect one’s trademark in China. Intellectual property translation services continue to play an important role in patent infringement litigation in China.  The tide of multimillion infringement case settlements in China has recently been favorable to Chinese firms.  Two of the recently concluded cases instigated by multinational conglomerates against the Chinese for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violations have resulted in the awarding of compensatory damages to the accused. There is the probability that these landmark successes would be interpreted as precedents, thus inciting more disputes and lawsuits over IPR/copyright infringement litigations.  This opinion was expressed in an article entitled: Intellectual Property in China: Battle of Ideas (The Economist, 23 April 2009).

According to the US Department of Commerce, foreign rights holders have had considerably less success in encouraging criminal prosecution of IPR violations, particularly when copyright infringements are involved.  Due diligence is hence required when a company decides to pursue action against blatant infringement of its IPR, whereby U.S. companies should ensure compliance with Chinese law.

Right from the beginning, legislative foreign language translation is already required because all Chinese laws are enacted in Chinese. According to Cao (2007), there could be different versions of English translations of various Chinese laws available, either for informational or normative use only. While none of these will have binding legal force in the Chinese or in any other jurisdictions, it is the job of the foreign language translator working with attorneys to develop a set of customized or private translations with a definitive purpose of adding the necessary rigor to patent infringement actions in China.

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