International Tax Law Translation Services

Legal Translation Services for Tax Attorneys

Thanks to professional translation, e-Discovery translation and legal language services by competent language translation and interpreting professionals, foreign language-related issues are not among the major challenges faced by law firms and attorneys.  International tax attorneys and other professionals engaged in international tax preparations are confronted with myriads of challenges- many of which could be far more difficult than reconciling numbers because they need to comply with different tax laws that are subject to varied interpretations.

But whatever the circumstances might be, a judge will search for the exact meaning and bearing of a legal text whenever doubt arises (Maisto 2005). Since legal texts are susceptible to dual interpretations (as in the case of English and non-English languages), reconciliation of meaning and expression of terms in two languages are further necessary.

While not all approaches may conform to the principles of legality at all times, some could even complicate the issue instead.

According to Prof. Claudio Sacchetto, a Comparative Law expert in the University of Turin, obtaining an absolute and coincident juridical foreign language translation of comparative terms is almost impossible.  This is true when there is no analogy between translated notions from different legal systems.  And within the ambit of international tax phenomena, to have two facts perfectly identical in meaning is very rare because of differences in tax systems. Although the similarity between comparable taxes may be accepted as sufficient, discrepancies do widely exist. Thus, foreign language translation is important in expressing the meaning of a term in the language it is translated into (Sacchetto 2005).

With the help of database technologies, international tax professionals can easily access important legal aspects as well as information on the taxation system prevailing in a specific country. More importantly, legal professionals are available to lend their expertise in interpreting valuable data and rendering intelligent guidance towards sorting out discrepancies arising from foreign language translation and interpretation of international tax law.

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