Language Translation Services, and Opening a Branch Location in the European Union

Legal Translation Services for Doing Business in the EU Countries

Legal document translation services for doing business in the EU countries are important for the U.S. corporations.  Any business legally established in an EU country has the right, according to the Freedom of Establishment clause of Article 43 of the EC Treaty, to open a secondary establishment in any other EU country. A secondary establishment includes an office, agency, branch or subsidiary. According to the terms of the treaty, the requirements include the business to:

  • Respect professional codes of ethics;
  • Obtain the necessary authorizations;
  • Verify all necessary qualifications


If one is opening a branch, then in addition to the above, one must:

  • Register in companies’ registries, tax and VAT authorities and social security offices;
  • Publish information on the controlling company and their activities in the local publication. (As the local publication will be published in the language of the country, often times a branch will require a foreign language translation of its official papers of organization)


If one is opening a subsidiary, then one must also go through the legal registration procedures of the host country. All papers must be filed in the host country’s language, and it is recommended that a foreign language translation be filed with the parent company’s Articles of Organization.

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