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Professional on-site and off-site translation and interpretation services are vital for M&A attorneys and law firms. With the economic crisis spreading across the globe, mergers and acquisitions have slowed considerably over the past two quarters of 2009. Although there are signs that mergers and acquisitions are beginning to once again pick up, overall the numbers remain low.

One of the main reasons for the slowdown of global mergers and acquisitions is the ongoing decline in international stock markets and the lack of available credit. Since cash is the preferred payment method for acquiring a business, when cash becomes a scarce resource the ability to acquire a new business decreases.

More so, as a result of the crisis, rules and regulations for mergers and acquisitions have

tightened – making it more difficult to do business. For example, in Europe due diligence often requires a review of the target company’s contractual obligations, including leases, loan agreements, bond indentures and liabilities. If a public company is involved, filings are reviewed. Of course, to do this, a foreign language translation of all documents is required.

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