Russian Legal Translations and Setting Up a Limited Liability Company in Russia

We’ve blogged about the English-Russian and Russian-English on-site legal interpretation and the on-site Russian legal translation services in Russian litigation and arbitration. Russia recently reformed its rules and regulations for forming a Limited Liability Company. The reforms are applicable to both domestic and foreign companies. As the vast majority of companies formed in Russia operate as LLCs, these reforms have far-reaching effects. For those representing Russian companies currently set up as a LLC, the company’s corporate documentation must be amended to conform with the new rules no later than January 1, 2010. All amendments must contain a foreign language translation.

Key changes include:

  • Shareholder agreements will be allowed in the format which has become common practice on the international stage. These agreements include voting arrangements and restrictions on transfers of ownership interests.
  • A simplification of corporate documents, doing away with the foundation agreement requirement.
  • The inclusion of a withdrawal right of participants is no longer mandatory.
  • The amendments create a right of obligatory redemption along with new transfer restrictions and rights of first refusal.

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