Role of Foreign Court in Russian Litigation and Arbitration

We’ve blogged about the role of professional translation and interpreting services  and Russian legal translations in obtaining foreign evidence in Russian litigation, and about the role of legal translation services in litigating international cases in Russia.  Many commercial disputes that find their way into Russia’s courts involve matters extending beyond the country’s borders. For example, in 2003 the arbitrazh courts decided 1196 cases involving at least one foreign party. As a result, the number of cases taken before the International Commercial Arbitration Court has increased.

That being said, foreign courts still play a significant role in disputes pending before a Russian court or arbitral institution. For example:

  • A claimant may be concerned the defendant will dispose of its assets prior to the conclusion of the case. If these assets are located overseas, it is necessary to petition a foreign court for interim relief. To do so, the petition must be filed with a foreign language translation.
  • If a party needs evidence or information from a foreign country in order to prosecute or defend a pending Russian case, they will often need the assistance of a foreign court. All foreign evidence and information presented in Russian court must have a foreign language translation.
  • A successful claimant may need to have a final court judgment or arbitral award recognized by a foreign court in order to recover against a defendant located outside of Russia. To have a judgment or award recognized, it must include a foreign language translation.

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