Witness Interview Interpreter Services

Legal Interpreting Services for
Successful Cross-Border and Cross-Cultural Mediation

We’ve blogged about the need for professional translation and interpreting services when conducting negotiations or mediation in the Latino community, and the role of professional translation services during international franchise mediation and cross-cultural mediation, and about witness deposition interpreters during dispute resolution.   Always include the use of a foreign language interpreter in the pre-mediation agreement with the other parties. Even if the mediator is multilingual or bilingual, always hire a neutral foreign language interpreter.

This will ensure that the mediator remains impartial to either party and avoids giving any impression that one party is being favored.

Be sure to use a foreign language interpretation system that works best with the chosen mediation process. More often than not, it is common to use consecutive mode of foreign language interpreting during mediation.

Meet the foreign language interpreter prior to hiring him or her. Discuss some of the key topics and terms that will need to be translated. And don’t forget to explain the role of court interpreter to your client!

Contact our legal language translation firm to retain a Japanese deposition translator in Las Vegas or Denver, a Hebrew interpreter in New York, a Chinese translator in San Francisco; a Pashto interpreter or an Urdu interpreter for a proffer meeting in Denver, or to request a Czech document translation, a Norwegian document translation, a Spanish document translation; or should you have other cross-cultural deposition or mediation language translation needs.

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