Corporate Translations for Mining and Oil and Gas Industries, and Corporate Liability in Conflict Zones

We’ve blogged about the importance of professional multilingual legal translation and interpretation services and accurate contract translation services for corporate legal departments. US companies doing business abroad face a wide range of legal issues – everything from the most basic duty of complying with US, international and local laws to such complex issues as human rights.

One area that is rife with legal issues is when operating in a nation experiencing turmoil. In such situations, the company must balance the costs and obligations of ensuring they meet their legal requirements, but also ensures the safety of their employees and the community where they are based.

Typically, companies operating in this type of environment are in the mining, oil and gas industries. The first step when doing business in any foreign country is to use a foreign language translator to ensure a sound understanding of all legal regulations, communications and contracts. This is especially important in areas of conflict, as here the concept of ‘rule of law’, impartial courts, contract enforcement and due process are lacking and cultural norms play a large role. Further, as regimes change laws change quickly, which makes having a foreign language translation of all new laws essential in trying to ensure compliance.

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