Multilingual Legal Website Translations: ABA Looks to Limit Online Marketing Opportunities

We’ve blogged about legal language interpreting and translation services in representing non-English-speaking clients. One of the great things about online marketing, including multilingual marketing, is that it’s affordable and effective – which is great for small and mid-size law firms. Further, using online marketing allows a firm to easily take its marketing materials and have a foreign language translation – further broadening the scope of its reach. In a sense, it evens the playing field for solos and small firms to get some footing in the ever-increasing competitive field of law firm marketing. From law firm websites to lawyer blogs and social media platforms – online marketing is a godsend for small and mid-size firms looking for a simple way to connect to clients and potential clients.

Unfortunately, this may be about to change.

The ABA is currently evaluating numerous proposals that would severely limit a law firm’s ability to use online marketing for its legal practice. Of course any changes could cause havoc for any firm currently using an online marketing strategy – opening them up to legal liability for violating legal ethic codes.

More information can be found here.

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