Why Foreign Clients Will Seek You Out

Legal Translation Services for Attorneys with Foreign Clients

Even if you don’t speak your prospective client’s language, don’t automatically refer him to a bilingual lawyer, fluent in his language. Put yourself in the newcomer’s shoes for a moment. Ask probing questions. Find out, what he wants to accomplish by retaining your law firm’s services.

Remember that the seemingly insurmountable language barrier can be easily overcome with the help of a competent legal interpreter.

If an immigrant’s country of origin is choking from corruption, whom do you think he would rather do business with in this country–an American-born lawyer like yourself (if that is the case here), or a lawyer who immigrated here from his native country but went to school here?

Many foreign clients of U.S. law firms are convinced that U.S.-born attorneys can provide a more effective service, since they are more likely to know the system and culture better.

Yet, other foreigners, who treasure privacy, intentionally seek out attorneys who don’t speak their language. Being unfamiliar with the concept of privileged communication, they reason that members of their close-knit ethnic community are less likely to learn about their confidential matters, if the lawyer is not a member of their culture.

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