Employment Contract Translations and the Global Reach of Employment Laws

We’ve blogged about multilingual FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) legal document translations and legal interpreting services in the context of international employment law. A current legal question in the global economy is whether or not – or how far – national employment law legislation has any authority outside of the given jurisdiction.

In the United Kingdom, for example, several rulings have been made on the territorial reach of basic employment laws and contracts. In general, the courts have held that an national employment laws apply to an employee working overseas. Furthermore, the courts held that local regulations are even enforceable by foreign nationals who only work in England part-time.

So why should US companies worry? These rulings will potentially have a significant impact on US companies with operations in the UK or employing UK nationals. Furthermore, this interpretation of the law is quickly becoming the standard throughout Europe – meaning that US companies with foreign-based operations or foreign national employees must be particularly careful in drafting employee contracts and making sure multilingual employee contract translations into the languages of their foreign-based employees are attached to the original English employment contract.

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