Litigation Translation, Multil-Language Certified Contract Translation, Employment Law and Jurisdiction

Multilingual litigation translation and deposition interpreting and translation services come in handy in employment litigation and in the practice of employment law. According to a recent New York appellate decision, a state’s long-arm statute is extensive – at least as it applies to employment related claims.

The case involved a dispute between a Greek citizen and a Liberian company based in Athens. However, the New York court claimed jurisdiction on the grounds the company traded its stock exclusively on the New York stock Exchange. See Georgakis v. Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd. Case No 650322/08. The dispute regarded a stock option exchange entered into by the two parties. The agreement, written in English with no foreign language translation, stated that New York law would govern.

Specifically, the court found that Excel ‘transacted business’ in New York per Rule 302 of the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules. According to the Rule: ‘a plaintiff must make a showing that the defendant engaged in purposeful activities within New York and demonstrated a substantial relationship between those activities and the cause of action’.

The court placed significant weight on the fact that the agreement was written in English, with no foreign language translation, stating that this demonstrated the intent for claims to be litigated in the US and not in a foreign court, where a foreign language translation would be required.

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