Legal Interpreters for Adjustment of Status Interviews

Legal Interpreting Services for Immigration Interviews

Legal translations play an important role in the immigration process.  When representing a client applying for a United States green card via the ‘adjustment of status’ process, your client will typically be called for an interview by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  When accompanying a non-native English speaking client to such an interview, it is important to bring a qualified foreign language interpreter to that interview.

While it’s true that many adjustment of status applications are accepted without interview, it is not uncommon to be called for an interview. Being called for an interview does not imply that your client is being singled out or that there is anything suspicious about their application. Interviews are a normal part of the process, allowing USCIS to confirm the information you and the petitioner have provided on the application, and to review all the facts with both you and your client.

Typically, these interviews only last about 20 minutes and most questions are standard and will be easy for your client to answer. For example, if the application is based on employment, questions will tend to be about your client’s employer, salary, and so on. If the application is based on family, then questions will be about your client’s family life. Likewise, if the application is based on marriage to a US citizen, then the USCIS will ask questions about your client and their significant other’s life together. In most cases, the officer will request that the US petitioner (that is, the client’s spouse, employer, family member, or other party who is the listed sponsor) be present.

This is where the process can get a little more complicated. In addition to the fact that the petitioner needs to provide certified translations of all the relevant foreign language documents in advance, it is important to remember that the USCIS does not provide foreign language interpreters at adjustment of status interviews, and there is not process for requesting one. For this reason, we recommend you hire of a foreign language interpreter. Even if your US petitioner is capable of providing some answers in English, it is best to use a professional legal interpreter.

At such an important interview, it’s best to leave no room for error and retain a court certified interpreter who is familiar with the terms used in the interview and all the legal terms that will be used to discuss your client’s adjustment of status.

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