Certified Legal Translators, Certified Legal Interpreters in Denver, Colorado, International Divorce and Jurisdiction

Looking for a Laotian legal translator or interpreter in Denver, CO? Or a Korean legal translator or interpreter? Or a Thai legal translator or interpreter? Or a Pashto legal translator or interpreter?

We’ve blogged about legal language services in estate and trust law and in matrimonial law cases.

In a divorce case where the divorcing spouses are citizens or residents of two different countries, utilizing a certified language translator or a certified language interpreter is important – especially to establishing jurisdiction.

In an international divorce, many factors can play into the legal decisions: financial, family, pre-marital agreements and language. A professional legal language translator and a professional legal interpreter can ensure that language barriers do not cause problems during a divorce. They also ensure that communication is open and no confusion is caused by language or by certified translations.

For example, offshore mutual consent divorces are often favored in situations where multiple jurisdictions are involved. If both parties can agree on terms, this option can be a quick and relatively simple process. Having a highly trained and experienced foreign language interpreter or translator can be a very valuable asset, and will provide you and your client with a peace of mind.

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