Legal Language Services, and Safeguarding Against Ethical Violations in International Arbitration

We’ve blogged about certified language translation services during arbitration in China. Professional certified foreign language translators and language interpreters are an important component in international arbitration. The integrity of the arbitrator is essential and key to ensure that ethical standards are being upheld and met. A code of ethics is in place, which sets forth guidelines and examples that hopefully ensures the integrity of both the arbitrators and the lawyers.

However, it is still very difficult to safeguard against all arbitrator misconduct, particularly as to improper interviewing or delegation of tasks, as well as other inappropriate manners. Consequences for those who do get caught in some form of misconduct can vary depending on the severity of the improper conduct. For example, sanctions can be placed on council and one could even end up being disqualified or terminated because of ethical violations.

Utilizing a professional legal translator or interpreter in international arbitration is vital in helping to ensure that no ethical violations or other wrongdoings occur due to information being lost in translation.

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