For Russians, Influential Connections Are Key to Wealth

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Old habits die hard. And so do one’s cultural values. People can easily move from one country to another, from one continent to another, but they rarely travel light. They always carry their cultural baggage with them.

How well do you know your law firm’s foreign clients?

Is your foreign client influenced by the “I“, or by the “we” mentality? Can you guess, what moral choices your non-English-speaking clients would make? Can you predict, for instance, how your foreign client perceives he can get wealthy?

When asked, which of the following is most likely to make one rich:

1. What you know.
2. Who you know.
3. How hard you work.

In Russia, they believe the answer is # 2.

A recent poll showed that 45% of Russians think having influential connections is the key to wealth.

This cultural value resonates with the central concept in Chinese society “Guanxi“- which translates as “connections” and “relationships”- and reflects an individual’s social capital within his close network of friends, relatives, and business associates.

Interestingly, among Russians over 60, stealing was the top-rated path to wealth.

Being aware of the cultural baggage your law firm’s foreign client brings to the counsel’s table is key to understanding that client’s preferences, expectations, and values.

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