Translations for Corporate Counsel and Law Firms, FTC and Foreign Language Complaints

Legal Interpreter Services at FTC Hearings

Legal interpreting services for FTC hearings are needed fairly often. As the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) handles many cases involving foreign language elements, it has developed specific rules to govern its hearing. All cases involving “foreign elements” – or matters where the complainant, respondent, investigated party, applicant or party requesting official interpretation of the law is a foreign enterprise – are governed by these guidelines.

If a party has a complaint regarding a matter governed by the FTC, in order to file a proper complaint one must follow the guidelines. To file a complaint, the first step is to ensure the complaint is prepared in both the native language of the jurisdiction and a foreign language translation is provided into the language(s) of the jurisdiction where the transaction(s) took place, or the native languages of the foreign enterprise(s). The complaint shall include the name, age, gender, nationality, occupation and domicile of the filing party, along with the specific facts on which the complaint is being filed and evidentiary documents (with an accompanying foreign language translation as needed).

Guidelines for Handling Cases Involving Foreign Elements Nationals by the Fair Trade Commission by the 227th Commissioners’ Meeting.


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