Legal Interpretation and Translation Services and Challenges of Doing Businesses in China

We’ve blogged about the importance of accurate Chinese-English and English-Chinese language interpreter and translator services when doing business in China. As China continues to open up to businesses, many SMEs are looking to move in. However, apart from the language barriers, there are many challenges to setting up shop in China, some specific to small and medium-sized enterprises.

For example, the red tape stretches through everything, from opening a bank account, to registering a company to gaining product approval. Further, since all the paperwork is in Chinese, you will require the constant use of a foreign language translation for all business and legal formalities.

And the communication issues don’t stop with the written and spoken word. There are many cultural differences between China and the West. This can wreak havoc on a negotiation or arbitration. For this reason, your foreign language interpreter should also be well versed in the non-verbal differences. One example is the role that authority plays in Chinese business and legal culture, where there is always a clear chain of command. It is essential that your translated documents honor the status and the chain of command with the appropriate language and style.

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