Medical Interpreters and Healthcare Translators for Health Clinics, Embryos and Property Law

We’ve blogged about health care interpreters translation services and professional medical translation services for Colorado health clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices. With the development of new technology new legal issues come up. For example, take the issue of pre-embryos – are they property, a person or something completely new? It takes a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg to produce an embrio. Although property law cannot be applied across the board in such a situation, it’s a good starting point for addressing such issues as decision making, ownership, etc.

Starting with Tenancy by the Entirety and extending it for this particular situation is how many legal scholars are founding their arguments. According to this tenancy, property comes with specific rights, including the right to use, the right to possess, the right to exclude and the right to transfer – all important issues with a pre-embryo and the rights of the gamete providers.

Based on this concept of property law, the pre-embryo can be interpreted as a joint tenancy, tenancy by the entirety or tenancy in common – each of which comes with its own specific rights. Deciding which form of property the pre-embryo is comes down to a matter of intent, which is determined via the language used by the parties. And whenever intent must be interpreted, depending on jurisdictions, foreign language translations come into play.

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