Legal Translators for Adopting and Re-Adopting a Foreign-Born Child

We’ve blogged about language translation and language interpreting services for international adoption, and about professional immigration document translation and legal translation as an integral part of the international adoption process process.  When adopting and trying to bring into the U.S. a foreign born child, many issues may arise, all of which will often require a certified translation of foreign language documents, such as a birth certificate. The first step in adopting a child is to follow the adoption procedures of the foreign nation.

This will require a foreign language translation of all applicable laws and forms. However, in some instances, when the child is brought into the U.S., that child will need to be re-adopted in accordance with the U.S. adoption laws.

Re-adoption is not always required. According to U.S. federal law, re-adoption is not required for children entering the country with an IR-3 visa in connection with an adoption finalized abroad. That being said, some U.S. courts do not recognize a foreign adoption decree. In other words, although under Federal law you do not need to re-adopt, under state law you may have to.

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