Language Translation and Bringing a Foreign-Born Orphan to the United States

Legal Document Translation Services for Immigration

Language translation services by certified professional language translators, immigration document translations and certified translations play an important role in foreign adoptions.  Adopting and bringing a foreign-born orphan into the United States is a complex legal process. Any married U.S. citizen and spouse or unmarried U.S. citizen of at least 25 years may file an orphan petition under INA section 101(b)(1)(F) and 8 CFR section 204.3. To file a petition, one must begin first identifying a foreign-born child to adopt and then file the paperwork related to one’s ability to provide a proper home environment and act as a suitable parent.

Once this is granted, the next step is to provide information on the child. According to USCIS regulations, the following information must be provided:

The child’s birth certificate (or evidence of age and identity)

Proof that the child is an orphan

A final decree of adoption from the foreign country

Proof of legal custody of the child

Proof of fulfillment of preadoption requirements.

As many of these documents will be in a foreign language, it is necessary to attach a professional translation from the foreign language into English. When filing with the USCIS, both the foreign-language original and its English translation should be included.


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