Japan Poised to Join Hague Convention

Japanese to English Legal Translation Services

We’ve blogged about multilingual legal translation services and professional interpretation services in the context of a parent’s right to custody in international family law cases. Japan recently announced its intention to join the Hague Abduction Convention, a central piece of international law regarding family and child rights. Currently, the process is in legislative subcommittee and is expected to be enacted into law next year.

However, despite the fact that this is a widely recognized piece of legislation, Japan still has some concerns, mainly the belief that the Convention results in cases with child abuse exceptions.

This is based on Article 13(b) with a somewhat negative proof requirement meaning that child returns can be difficult to bear in some cases where the abducting parent alleges a grave risk of harm.

The convention allows for exceptions in such cases. Further, this burden of proof becomes more difficult when evidence must be presented with a foreign language translation. Further, as abductions typically involve one parent removing a child to another country or jurisdiction, national laws and culture come into play, further making foreign language translations all the more essential.




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