Translation for the USCIS and Immigration Attorneys

Foreign-Language Translations of “The Federal Court System in the United States” in Your Clients’ Languages

Lawyers, who represent foreign-born individuals, face a number of challenges. And while some of them, such as language barriers, can be overcome with the help of a competent court interpreter, other barriers- cultural and conceptual- require a good understanding of the culture and the legal system of the foreign client’s country of origin, and the ability to educate the newcomers about our legal system.

Fortunately, some government Web sites make it easy to educate non-English-speaking clients.

The Federal Judiciary’s Web, for example, provides French, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Turkish translations of “The Federal Court System in the United States”.

Even if your client’s case is not going to be handled in federal court, he can still benefit from reading at least a chapter on the distinctive features of the American Judicial System, and a chapter on our trial courts in his language.

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