Translation of Sensitive Documents

Confidential Legal Translation Services

All Language Alliance, Inc, provider of sensitive document translation services with an office in Denver, Colorado, and services in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, and worldwide, often receives inquiries from prospective clients looking for cheap and quick language translation solutions.  Building a human brain would bankrupt the world. So far, we have built super computers that can beat us at playing chess, search and index all the information on the Internet in seconds, and calculate the number of stars in the universe; but still we have not developed a computer that can translate language properly. Even Google, the master of everything, cannot improve its translation app beyond the point of making people look like confused typing monkeys shoving their phones in each other’s faces while trying to communicate with one another in foreign languages.

Professional document translation is an art and science, not a technology. Only the human brain can handle and understand all the nuances of language, because the human brain had a hand in creating language in the first place. Asking a computer to perform a proper, comprehensible translation of sensitive documents is like asking the NSA or the KGB to read an encrypted email. The keys to the code are missing in the mind of a machine. A computer cannot compose a research paper.

It only takes one wrong word to destroy the essence and meaning of a message. Mess up the meaning of a medical or legal document, and you have serious problems on your hands. You can fix typos, but you can’t fix people after they have had the wrong surgery performed, their emergency money sent to the wrong place, or the deed of their new retirement home in Mauritius put into the wrong name. These are mistakes that will cost everybody involved, and much more than the original price of doing it right in the first place. Hire a certified foreign language translator. The human touch: There are no substitutes.

How many times have you found yourself in a simple situation that suddenly turns sour, all because of something that someone thought you said? “What do you mean?” goes from being a simple, innocent request for clarification to an indignant confrontation of wills. “What do you mean, what do I mean?” is the silliest conversation ever. It only spirals out of control, leaving the participants to pick up the pieces after the smoke clears and the dust settles. Don’t fight; say it right, the first time.

Say it with a human translator, not a machine. Preserve your image, avoid liability, and cement your trust with the people you do business with by hiring a human brain. Chatting by phone, Skype, or email can be humorous when you know the person on the end of the line. Flying blind and sending bad documents to people who do not know you will have dire and irreversible consequences. You cannot repair a poor first impression, nor can you fix a damaged reputation. Don’t monkey around with machine translation. Let the professionals write the right words. There is always more than money on the line in every transaction and interaction. Remember, words are the bridge between people around the world, forming the delicate bonds of the new global economy.

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