Multilingual Document Translation and Expert Court Translator & Interpreter Services, Section 1782 and Foreign Proceedings

Having a foreign language courtroom interpreter and a foreign language translation of all procured statements and documentary evidence is essential for domestic and foreign litigation proceedings. According to 28 USC section 1782, which addresses the issue of assistance to foreign and international tribunals, a district court can order a litigant to give testimony or produce documents for use in a foreign proceeding.  Further, the section gives the district court the power to administer the necessary oath and to even take the testimony or statement.

Although the testimony or statement given or the document produced must be prescribed in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, there is also a provision for the taking of the evidence in accordance with the practice and procedure of the foreign jurisdiction.

Under the terms of this section 1782, although the taking of the evidence is governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the actual submitting of the evidence is governed by the laws of the foreign jurisdiction. It is very likely that those laws will require the statements to be transcribed and the documents translated into the official language of the foreign jurisdiction. In order to satisfy the foreign jurisdiction component of section 1782, a foreign language interpretation of all witness statements and a foreign language translation of all documentary evidence is required.

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