Technical Translation Services
for Aviation Industry

Document Translation Serrvces
to Register an Imported Aircraft

Technical Translation Services to Register an Imported Aircraft

Technical translation services, play an important role in having an imported aircraft registered in the U.S.  According to Federal Aviation Association rules and regulations, an imported aircraft manufactured in a foreign country must be registered upon entering the United States. In order to register a foreign aircraft, the applicant must provide a statement by an official having jurisdiction over the National Aircraft Registry of the foreign country stating that the registration in that country has either ended, was never commenced or is invalid.


The letter must further show the official’s name and title, along with a description of the aircraft. The applicant must further provide documentary evidence of ownership from the seller showing that appropriate title was transferred. Finally, all applications must include an English translation to be submitted with the original official letter and statement from the seller.

We recommend using a foreign language document translator familiar with aviation, as aviation terminology differs greatly between various jurisdictions.

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